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Xerxes Given Top Review by HiFi+ Magazine

HiFi+ Magazine wrote a review of the Roksan Xerxes record player a couple years ago. The table has since been growing in popularity so we thought we would post it for all to see.  Although our reviews are existential in nature (“I feel…” rather than “it does…”), we do try to take the personal element […]

Why the K3 Won Editor’s Choice

The following is an excerpt from the headlining article in the April 2015 issue of Hi-Fi Choice Magazine. Though its products have been very well received over the years, every five or so years the time comes to refresh the range, and that’s what Roksan has done here. The K2 series was excellent, but the […]

German Hi-Fi Press Review of the Burmester 151

  Germany’s Finest Music Server This article is a translation of an article written by Stephan Schmid on March 31, 2015. The full article, in German, can be seen here: My relationship with Burmester components has always been somewhat wavering. My high-end socialisation started around the time I began studying in the mid-80s; I had […]

Unboxing the TD 203

There is a firmly routed tradition in the world of high-end audio: the higher up the price and quality ladder you go, the more technically complicated the components are. Especially with turntables. The barrier of entry is a big hurdle when upgrading from a generic, low-end, Chinese made record player like Crosley to a high […]

Aedle Headphones Win Prestigious Red Dot Award

  Often cited as the most prestigious product design award in the world; design engineers and entrepreneurs dream of the chance to have their inventions labeled with this mark of true craftsmanship. Now Parisian company, Aedle, for whom we distribute in North America has proudly acquired this distinguished accolade for their flagship product: the Valkyrie […]

I-Fidelity Praises New Burmester Loudspeakers

This article is a translation of an article written by Philip Cornelius on March 2, 2015. The full article, in German, can be seen here:   With the impressive BA 71 acoustic transducers, Burmester aims to set a new record in the realm of audio. To accomplish this, even the backsides of these stylish made-in-Berlin […]