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New Line of Cartridges by Soundsmith

  As per usual, the Munich High End show has been a catalyst for remarkable growth and change at Rutherford Audio. We met with many potential partners and carefully vetted through them to select only the best. As a result, we’ve struck distribution agreements with a handful of new brands, one of those being Soundsmith. […]

New Product: Vinyl-Nessie Record Cleaner

Rutherford Audio has always striven to accommodate astute audiophiles in their quest for the most powerful listening experiences. We pride ourselves in having brands that can bring enthusiasts closer to the realm of perfection. Phenomenal speakers, some of the world’s best electronic components, and the most well respected turntables, among other things have filled our […]

Brooks Berdan Represents Scheu, Vertere, and Roksan at T.H.E Show in Newport

  Distributing a host of renowned European hi-fi brands we’ve grown to partner with several hundred dealerships across North America. Sometimes our dealers make us downright proud.  They outdo themselves with their presentation, passion, and salesmanship. Brooks Berdan is a shining example of this. Their presentation and effort at T.H.E Show in Newport, California was […]

Thorens to Launch new Suspended Sub-Chassis Turntables

  For those who enjoy record players that harken back to the good ol’ days, this announcement should put some spring in your step. Sometime at the end of 2015 Thorens will be releasing a new reference line of sub-chassis turntables known as the TD 900 series. It’s a deliberate tip-of-the-hat to the exceptionally popular […]

Should you get a stabilizer / clamp?

  As long as there have been analog discs, audio junkies have been implementing all sorts of techniques to get the most out of their records. One of the most tried-and-true methods is the record clamp; also known as a weight, or a stabilizer. You’ll often see this at audio shows or at turntable retailers: […]

8 Father’s Day Gifts for the Music Loving Dad

Our passion is audio; we know there’s a lot of men who share the same passion. In fact odds are one of them might be your dad. So since father’s day is coming up we thought we’d commemorate the day by providing some gift suggestions. This list goes out to all the vinyl junkie fathers […]