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40 years of nothing but the best

40 years ago Dieter Burmester went looking for something new…something better, as he was not satisfied with his system. Unable to find anything to satisfy his needs he developed the now infamous 777 Pre Amplifier. Rumors grew of Dieters pre amp as he showed it to friends, and they discussed it with their friends, and […]

Yana Imaginative Audio Video Open House with Artnovion and Burmester

When it comes to high-end audio, one of the biggest factors in your stereo system might not be the system itself. It might not even be the quality of sound. When it comes to acoustics, one of the biggest factors is the wife factor! Putting panels on walls is no longer just speakers and some […]

Acoustical Systems EVOCATOR Phono Stage

Acoustical Systems is a brand becoming known amongst the top audiophiles as the world as an item you want in your war chest! The detail and precision that comes from Acoustical Systems products is immaculate and allows you to hear every nuance of the vinyl that we so much enjoy. Dietrich has worked on perfecting […]

A Burmester Turntable has arrived – The Burmester 175!

Just yesterday our biggest Burmester dealer in Canada came into the office and we discussed “what was in the white box.” We had seen a few photos of the Burmester set-up at Munich already so we were obviously curious. We knew that there was something secret coming and there was a few guesses thrown out. […]

The Burmester 350 Reference Speaker

Last year we were introduced to a massive 500kg concept speaker called the C500! These speakers rumbled the entire MOC whenever a demo was played. They were massive! the sound was massive! and the detail was immaculate! Now those concept speakers have come to fruition in the now amazing BC350 Loudspeakers! When we talk about a lack […]

The 900 series is complete!

With over two years of production time, the 900 series is another one of those items that we constantly thought was a dream. When we finally heard it was complete we were more than ecstatic! We have been hyped about this series over and over again and finally, she is here and boy are they […]