AudioArt’s Grande Opening in Boston

Dave Shore has been in the audio community for most of his life and this past weekend he finally officially opened the doors to his brand new shop in the Boston area. The store is in Sudbury Massachusetts in Boston’s MetroWest region. Our very own Norm Steinke attended the event in support of Dave and the event was an enormous success!

The event had around 200 people show up and Burmester was clearly the highlight of the evening! The event had three different rooms with Rutherford Audio gear. Downstairs near the entrance of the store Dave has the B100’s running off a 911 amp with a Meridian Sooloos music server driving it.


Upstairs he has 961’s and a 101 being driven by another Meridian Soolooos Server which is also hooks up to Thorens TD 203, 309 and a 2035 each with its own input running in a Thorens 008 Phono Stage.

Our last room with our gear has Burmester’s B10 bookshelf speakers that will be going alongside a DAC 8 DSD and AMP 8.


The event also featured a AudioArts band (the sales team) later in the evening with drinks and food. AudioArt is a representative of Burmester, Thorens and T+A and they will be bringing in some more gear for display. The new DAC 8 DSD will be shipped out to Audio Art the day they arrive in our warehouse and we will potentially even be sending over an HV Series for Demo. AudioArt has its own special find a dealer page you can check out here. It includes every piece of gear that he has on display or available for purchase from us so you know what you can walk into the store and walk out with the same day! Also check out AudioArts Instagram and Facebook page or visit his website to learn more about Dave and his team!