Artnovion and their new products at ISE 2016

Artnovion has been taking the world by storm! Their acoustic panels are expertly made and are stunningly gorgeous. Artnovion has been working tirelessly to build the best Acoustic Panels the world has ever seen. Not just for the purpose of treating audiophiles listening rooms or pro studio, but even to make the world a better place architectually. Sound polution in the office is the next big thing we must combat in order to make a better workplace. With Artnovion you get a perfectly balanced product of art, beauty and precise sound engineering. To do this they have released a few new products at ISE 2016.

New Products from Artnovion at ISE 2016

The first of those new products we will talk about is the new Sahara AE Acoustic Panels. These panels pictured below are a new breed of panels that create a perfect ratio of absortion and diffuson. By regulating both absortion and diffusion in one panel you eliminate the need to worry about different panel placement on your walls.


Artnovion truly does take the “Art” in their name very seriously as these panels are not just High Efficiency absorbers and diffusers they can transform an architects space into something amazing.  It is a new age of sound pollution and the Sahara AE gives Architects the opportunity to control the pollution in the buildings they design.


With the introduction of Artnovions new mounting system you can build acoustically treated rooms nearly everywhere! By eliminating the need to drill into a wall, Artnovion makes it much easier from a demo perspective. I now imagine us pulling panels in and out of rooms to allow you to hear the difference in the room. Another advantage is at Trade shows that don’t allow you to drill into their precious walls; these stands can be utilized to give you a acoustically treated show room. Below is a video on how the mobile wall system works.


There are two different types of wall fixing systems; a plastic and a tube/metallic fixing method. These methods make it much easier to mount Acoustic Panels onto walls and if you wanted to switch out panels for looks or different sound testing you can.

The Plastic Mounting System is first drilled into the wall and then the panels are clipped into the mounts, you can visualize it in the video below.

The tube/metallic mounting has both clips on the wall and on the panels. The wall mounts have a long metallic tube that goes across the clips to which your acoustic panels clip into. This method allows you to adjust left and right your pannels.


All these methods make it easier for the consumer if they choose to treat their room themselves. You can now pull out your Iphone, download the impulso app, measure the rooms reverberation time and send it into us so that Artnovion can build you a report that gives you a 3d model of the best possible solution of Acoustic Treatments for your space.  They can then purchase the panels and easily mount them themselves!


It is hard to have acoustic measuring equipment always to hand, and can sometimes be a problem receiving precise measurements in areas such as restaurants or public spaces.

The external impulse can be simply made from bursting a balloon or clapping. A balloon emits a broadband frequency, giving you a reliable result without specific measurement equipment. Of course, the internal impulse is recommended for high fidelity listening environments.

These new functionalities allow everyone, from professionals to acoustic enthusiasts to precisely measure their space.

Also, Impulso has an updated product catalog, including a range of diffusers, along with an automated project system. The user is automatically forwarded to our internal project support system. They simply have to input their room dimensions and room layout, send us their Impulso output and we can start their acoustic project. Impulso is a perfect tool for assisting engineers, designers and architects to plan their environments.

We are glad the Artnovion team had such a succesful show and are ecstatic to get these new products out to North American custom installers, hifi dealers and architects!

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Here are a few photos from Artnovions time at ISE 2016:

Artnovion Team

The Artnovion Team

Booth View


Theater at ISE Treated with Artnovion panels

Red Alps Panels