Aedle Headphone in Lucy Movie

This year Lucy, the visually stunning film by director Luc Besson, was released to mass audiences worldwide. An action-thriller that tracks a woman, Scarlett Johansson, who transform into a merciless warrior evolved beyond human logic.

In one of the iconic scenes Lucy sneaks into the apartment of a notorious gang leader to enact revenge. The gangster, played by Korean actor Choi Min-Sik, is blissfully unaware of his imminent death as he’s listening to music on his slick aluminum-leather headphones. It doesn’t take a close inspection to see that these stunningly designed and sharp looking portables are non other than the VK-1, A.K.A “Valkyrie,” headphones designed and manufactured by French company Aedle.

Why did director Luc Besson choose to showcase these masterfully designed on-ear audio devices? Maybe he wanted to support a local company from his homeland. Or, maybe he simply fell in love with the design. After all, an ultra-wealthy gang leader would only want the best of the best. Aedle strives to create that. As they say in their product movie, the designers strove to “create something unique in the world of headphones… a pair of headphones with no compromise between quality and design.”

If these headphones caught your eye in this visually stunning Hollywood movie and if, like the Korean gangster, you desire only the best of the best, we reccommend you shop online by viewing our product page. We’re Aedle’s distributor for all of North America and will proudly sell you a pair. Free shipping.




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