8 Photos that Perfectly Describe Aedle Headphones

A picture is worth a thousand words. It’s true. So we thought we’d commemorate that fact by writing about Aedle VK-1 Headphones with fewer words and more pictures. After all, this piece of craftsmanship doesn’t need justification, it sells itself.


Aedle Headphones are Soft as Lambs

Comfortable as a bed of clouds.

Made of genuine lambskin leather, these headphones will never stick to your skin like those cheap faux-leather alternatives out there. They just rest comfortably on your ears. Kind of like hugging a big fluffy old English Sheepdog.



Aedle Valkyrie Headphones solid as a rock

Built like a rock.

Each ear-piece is formed out of one solid piece of Aluminum ingot and there isn’t any plastic or cheap glue. It would take some serious headbanging to hurt these stalwart bedrocks of European engineering.



Aedle Headphones on a stand

Fits like a glove. On your head.

Designed with adjustable headband and pistons on each ear-piece, these headphones can be customized to fit heads of all shapes and sizes.



Aedle headphones retro vintage table

As vintage as your family heirloom.

You know that prized family heirloom you inherited from your grandparents? That old decorative civil war-era sword or that jewel encrusted music box? Well, these headphones have the same vibe. They look like something Nikola Tesla handcrafted to complement his mustache and dashing good looks. You don’t want to tuck it in a drawer, you want to display it like a museum showpiece.



Aedle Headphones aren't rigid

Not rigid and stiff.

Unlike some headphones, these puppies are flexible and soft. They feel like they’re floating on your head.



Aedle Headphones Hang loose

Hangs loose but doesn’t slip.

They hang comfortably on your head but don’t fall off.



Aedle Headphones you can't box them in

Can’t box them in.

Let’s face it. These headphones are timeless; they’re simple, sleek, elegant, and they match just about any style. Whether you’re hipster or steampunk, nouveau-riche or grungy… it doesn’t matter. Valkyrie headphones have a look that transcends all classifications.


Aedle Headphones are Well Rounded

Well rounded.

Based on what we’ve seen so far, we know that Aedle VK-1 Headphones are comfortable, solid, well-fitted, vintage, flexible, loose but gripping, and dynamic. All those features combine to make a very well-rounded product.