8 Father’s Day Gifts for the Music Loving Dad

Father's Day Gifts

Our passion is audio; we know there’s a lot of men who share the same passion. In fact odds are one of them might be your dad. So since father’s day is coming up we thought we’d commemorate the day by providing some gift suggestions. This list goes out to all the vinyl junkie fathers out there; the fathers who dedicate entire rooms to speakers and audio components; the ones who seek perfection in their setup and accept nothing short of the best.

We know audiophile dads tend to dream big. They want the most lavish systems in their listening rooms, often to the detriment of household budgets. So, to make the decision a little easier we’ve provided a wide array of price ranges. Here’s our list, from most expensive to most affordable.



Scheu Analog Cello Timbre Turntable with Cantus Tonearm

Scheu Cello Timbre Record Player

What better product to start off with than the manliest of all turntables: the Scheu Analog Cello Timbre. This stalwart piece of German artistry weighs in at 25 kilograms (55 pounds); is made of solid slate and Tineo wood. The platter is made from high-density acrylic, and the motor is completely separate—eliminating any possible interference from vibrations or static. Made in Germany, in-stock at our North American warehouses and ready to ship.

 $4,900 USD




Nessie Vinyl-Master Record Cleaner

Nessie Vinyl-Master

A Dad who collects vinyl likely has hundreds of albums in his collection. It can be very time-consuming to clean them all, especially if he makes you do it with the old fashioned cloth-and-spray. This made-in-Germany record cleaner is truly the best on the market. It¹s extremely fast and highly effective and will impress him tremendously.

$3,000 USD




Thorens TD 240-2 Walnut Wood Record Player

Thorens TD240-2 Record Player

‘The original hi-fi’ company, Thorens is the classic Swiss/German brand with a stunning reputation, generous accolades and enviable press. Your Dad will be very pleased with your level of sophistication. Design and performance are always key ­and thanks to elaborate control circuitry, an extremely stable plinth and a heavy aluminum platter, this Thorens TD240-2 turntable is a well-bred classic. Also available in black on black. Warehoused in Denver for fast delivery.

$1,199 USD




Parisian On-Ear headphones by AedleAedle Valkyrie VK-1 Heapdhones

These sleek headphones look, feel and sound sublime. Aedle headphones are handmade in France and just won a red dot design award as the best on ear headphones of the year. This Classic Edition combines refined design with high-definition custom made titanium transducers. Each of the aluminum parts are sculpted one by one in a virgin aluminum ingot. Hand sewn genuine Italian lambskin leather for headband and cushions. This stunning package comes with multiple lengths of Aramid fiber coated cables including microphone cable and remote control, adaptor and travel case.

$499 USD



Camus Extra Elegance Cognac 

Camus Extra Elegance Cognac

At first this might seem a little unrelated to audio but listening sessions are often enhanced with a libation as smooth as the sounds in your room. Put on your go-to classic vinyl, be it smooth jazz, blues or soulful R&B, and it will pair superbly well with a glass of this sophisticated and award winning Cognac. Camus Extra Elegance is an exceptional blend of eaux-de-vie primarily from the Borderies, Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne crus, all selected for their superb aging potential, richness and complexity. This blend produces a Cognac which is as rich as it is sophisticated, and will delight the most passionate and demanding of connoisseurs. Extra Elegance is a true cascade of flavors: its complex, smooth texture has notes of tobacco, leather and walnut, culminating in a pure velvet finish.

$400 USD




Wines that Rock

Wines That Rock

Your refined Father probably appreciates wine just as much as his music. These wines, matched and labeled with iconic rock albums from the 70s, will surely blow him away. Pink Floyd, Grateful Dead, and Rolling Stones are among the bands featured. Chin-chin.

$50 USD – Case of Three



Record Player Drive Belt

Thorens Standard Belt

Does your Dad have a vintage record player? The rubber belts inevitably stretch over time and can affect the music quality. If your Dad¹s record player needs some love, try replacing the belt ‹ it may be all it needs.

$30 USD



Warm Tobacco Pipe Scented Candle

Wines that Rock Pink Floyd and Rolling Stones

No smell is manlier or more appropriate for an audiophile’s man-cave than the aromatic smell of pipe tobacco.

 $12 USD