Virtual Tour and Highlights of Burmester Showroom

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas seems to be growing every year. It attracts some of the world’s most highly recognized luxury giants; from the finest Swiss watch companies to the most elegantly engineered automobiles. Amidst all these top-of-the-line products could be found the world-renowned German luxury audio brand: Burmester.

Repeat visitors from previous years would have noticed a change in the general layout of the room. The goal this year was to provide a gallery of the wide selection and range of products that Burmester offers. Strategically placed throughout the area could be found Burmester Loud Speakers, CD players, Amplifiers, and Pre-Amplifiers on display from the reference line, as well as the mid-level and top line.

Our goal was to show that while Burmester is looked at as the state of the art system in high-end luxury vehicles like the Porsche 918 or an S-Class Mercedes it’s also available in a C-Class Mercedes or at home for mid-level affordable prices. All too often people assume the Burmester is far beyond their price range. They go to other brands and are not aware they could be getting a Burmester system, easily one of the best systems in the world, for the same price.

Throughout the four days of the show hundreds of registered attendees dropped in and enjoyed the look, feel, and sound of these fine-tuned handcrafted systems. They were offered the opportunity to bask in Burmester’s precision audio replay or to speak with Burmester team members in the room; such as Burmester’s founder, Dieter Burmester (pictured above on the right) or our very own Norm Steinke (pictured with Dieter on the left) Rutherford Audio and Burmester of North American’s USA Sales Director.

The following are some key images of Burmester’s CES 2015 showroom with descriptions. Scroll down to take a virtual tour of the room.




Upon entering, the first thing guests saw was the B100 in the entryway along with a 909 Amplifier; Burmester’s Reference products, designed for large rooms and very high volume output.

This one is built of Elsberry wood but Burmester offers a variety of standard wood finishes along with an immense array of custom finishes. Any of the loudspeakers can be tailored to highly specific design wishes. Whether it’s a rare imported olive wood or a Porsche auto-body paint, Burmester could easily comply. As a result these speakers are easily customizable to fit their environment and seamlessly integrate with their room or living space.




Just past the entryway visitors would see this display of the brand new 151 Music Server and a pair of BA 3.1 speakers. Both of these products are never-before-seen new releases. This year’s CES provided the occasion for their debut.

The music server shares many of the same features as the top-of-the-line 111 music server (seen below): a drive for ripping and listening to CDs, on-board hard drives for storage of media, and a fully functional iPad application which acts very similar to iTunes. The only things it doesn’t have are the 111’s inputs, so it can not be used as a pre-amplifier, and it doesn’t have the screen display on the front. But the affordability makes up for these minor downgrades.




Deeper in the room, by the window, guests could see and hear this wonderful setup. A pair of the never before seen BA 3.1 ambience speakers”. Highlights include an all-new design using front-firing drivers as well as a rear-facing tweeter. It has a separate control for the rear tweeter, allowing the listener the benefit of controlling the amount of spatiality that the speaker offers. If turned up the tweeter brings a more spacious sound to the room. If turned down the listener receives a more pinpointed direct sound so the customer is able to fine tune to their own listening habits. In addition, it has two different sets of binding posts. The inside ones are standard Burmester while the outside ones are WBT binding posts. Both offer a unique sound, and the choice of two pairs of binding posts allows for all sorts of advantages and customization.





On the rack we have all of the Burmester reference line: The 069 Reference CD player (top right), the 808 Reference Preamp (top left), and the 111 music server (with screen display).  The 911 Amplifier is on the bottom.

The technology on these devices is constantly changing but Burmester is committed to ensuring the longevity of their products. Burmester ensures your investment is safe. As technology improves over the years customers are given the opportunity to send their piece back and have it serviced or re-certified. In addition, any serviced pieces get an extension of 2 years on their warranty. A customer who bought an 808 in the 1980s could have it upgraded to the current 808 model with all the latest components. Considering how cars usually need to be replaced in a shorter time, it’s an impressive promise.




As you can see, the room wasn’t immense, but we managed to comfortably fit quite a bit of equipment in here. If you look closely at the speakers you’ll notice they’re different from the ones pictured above. We changed the 3.1s to 7.1s.




Finally, at the back of the room, past the other Burmester pieces that weren’t shown in this brief virtual tour, was the beautiful B80 in Makassar wood.


Overall, we’re grateful to have been a part of this fantastic year in Vegas. The Burmester showroom was very well received. It was a pleasure to present these finely crafted German masterpieces to the international market.

If you have any desire to learn more about these products and speak directly with a home audio expert, feel free to call us. We’re North America’s exclusive distributor for Burmester and have a breadth of personalized knowledge. If you’re in the US you’ll be speaking with Norm Steinke (pictured above with Dieter Burmester) and if you’re in Canada you’ll be speaking with Robb Niemann.

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