A Vinyl lovers paradise!


When you travel the world one of the last things you expect to see in your luxury guest suite is a turntable with a selection of Vinyl records. However, out of Australia in Victoria’s Otway hinterland is Brae; a restaurant on a farm that has recently built some guest suites fit for a king. The restaurant itself has been named no 87 in the top 100 restaurants around the world and now they are adding to that success six new luxury guest suites on their 30 acre farm.

The spacious guest suites feature slate floors, marble bench tops and brass fittings which are all highlighted by steel frameworks. Inside each suite is a king bed with a star gazing skylight and the best way to make use of the skylight and bed is to put a record on the Thorens TD240-2 turntable and lay down and stare at the open sky. Yes that’s right! Each of the six rooms has a TD240-2 along with 25 records from David Bowie, Miles Davis, Grace Jones, Nick Cave, Lorde, Beck, and Caribou. The TD 240-2 turntables are one of Thorens most widely sold turntables.  The Brae guest suites all feature the walnut veneer TD 240, which is the most popular version sold in the United States.  The timeless elegance of this Thorens turntable adds to the picturesque beauty of the Brae guest suite.

The turntable plays out of ceiling speakers so that when you are laying down star gazing the music is coming down directly at you. Even better yet, the 240 is automatic so that when it’s time to go to sleep you can drop the needle on a record, stare up at the night sky and when you fall asleep you don’t have to worry about the turntable spinning all night long.

In the morning you can again play some records while you are served a luxurious organic breakfast of wood-fired sourdough bread, freshly baked pastries, Brae honey and jams with St Ali Coffee and freshly squeezed juice. The produce is all harvested from the property and other nearby farms. Once you are done with your breakfast you can take a stroll through the olive grove and orchards were you will likely meet chickens and chefs and gardeners at work. After that you can make your way back to your suite were you can enjoy a glass of Hudson Manhattan whiskey while you put on some Miles Davis to enjoy the beautiful afternoon sunshine.

If you are looking for a weekend getaway in Australia, this is most certainly a relaxing place to do it!

The TD 240-2

td240_pianoblack1_jpg300High-quality materials, a classic design and love for details are the distinctive characteristics of this fully automatic record player. The solid wood plinth can also be found in black lacquer for those looking for a more sharp and modern look. This record player has been equipped with the new TP 19-1 tonearm and an extremely silent running precision belt drive beneath the platter, so that the other technical qualities are also most evident. Set-up and connections are effortlessly carried out so that the TD 240 is ready to play within minutes.

The strength of the TD 240-2 can no doubt withstand the onslaught of usage in guest suites and hotel rooms. After months of usage in the guest suites, the TD 240-2’s are still working amazingly. Check out the TD 240-2 online and in store.





Contact Brae: 

Website: http://braerestaurant.com/

Email: enquire@braerestaurant.com

Phone: +61 3 5236 2226


Photos of the Suite:

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