With ground breaking precision and audio engineering technology the Vertere Reference Turntable has been dubbed by some as the best turntable in the world. At least, that’s what the critics seem to be saying (read below). Suffice it to say, as soon as we received the first shipment of the Vertere Reference Turntable in North America we felt privileged to unpack it and give it a spin. It was a beautiful and simplistic approach to turntable setup and the reward of listening to it on the Burmester sound system was nothing short of exceptional. We look forward to many hours of enjoyment.




This turntable is bound to become a heavyweight contender for the high-end turntable market in North America. Touraj Maghaddam, the man behind the design and engineering, explains the product in the following video by KJ West One:


The precision and attention-to-detail in this record player is the most striking aspect. It comes in two variations, the SG-1 and RG-1. The difference between the two being the subtleties of its components; most notably in the bearing and platter design. Touraj explains the differences in the bearings in this video and highlights the engineering prowess of the RG-1 bearing. It utilizes the highest precision bearing assembly designed for a record player in the world. The results are astonishing.


Don’t just take it from us though, since its release in the UK the reviews for the Vertere RG-1 Turntable have amounted to a standing ovation of applause. Alan Sircom of HIFi+ Magazine wrote: “With so many super-decks, the performance fails to shine until the rest of the system is at a similar level. Often they sound ponderous until the rest of the system catches up. That’s not the case here, and that makes the Vertere truly world class.” A writer for Tom Tom audio wrote “Yesterday I experienced the best analogue set up I have ever heard – bar none. The new Vertere turntables are just extraordinary and having smashed through the glass ceiling of analogue performance.”




The table is currently set up in our Vancouver showroom alongside our luxurious Burmester Audio System; a system highly suitable to the Vertere turntable and matching it in fit, finish, and quality. Both complement each other superbly well.

For those Vinyl music lovers who desire the best of the best this product might be as close as you’ll ever come. We’ve definitely had immense pleasure listening to it. Click below to view the product page and relevant attachments. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!




Product Specifications

RG-1 Reference Main Bearing Assembly

At the heart of any record player is its main bearing.

Vertere RG‐1 record player utilises probably the highest precision bearing assembly designed for a record player. As a result the drive system can rotate the platter assembly absolutely smoothly and silently.

Thus the record is presented to the tonearm and cartridge without any unwanted bearing noise.

Motor Drive Power Supply

It is absolutely critical that the record player motor is powered and controlled faultlessly to ensure a full and musical performance of the record player.

The SG‐1 Motor Drive does just that. Designed to keep the motor under control providing it with smooth and constant drive. Elegant and simple to use with a ‘super charged’ engine under its bonnet!

Record Player Motor Assembly

One look at the record player motor assembly and the depth and innovativeness of its design become apparent.

Using precision bearings to articulate the proprietary aluminium alloy motor housing keeps the motor continuously synchronous achieving  constant belt tension.

Simply put, it drives the platter at constant speed without interference.

RG‐1 Main Reference Platter

RG-1 platter assembly is a unique two piece super precision machined aluminium alloy design that provides friction only damping of the platter assembly.

The main platter has a critically designed surface profile on its top side that perfectly matches the underside of the reference platter insert. The two parts fit so precisely that the assembly creates a linearly damped, non‐resonant structure.

RG‐1 Reference Platter

The underside of the main platter is precision machined to provide a perfect fit to the main spindle block for accurate turning. It also has highest peripheral mass to maximise inertia to weight ratio. This ensures constant speed while eliminating undue pressure on the main bearing contact point.

Maximum performance, maximum longevity.


RG‐1 Platter Insert

Topside of the RG‐1 platter insert is precision machined to provide the bonding area for the 2mm cast Acrylic record interface disc.

The underside, on the other hand, is done as the precise fit to the topside of the main platter.

Six small stainless screws, 3 on the top and 3 on the underside ensure the two pieces are held perfectly in non‐resonant position.


Type Belt Drive
Motor 48 Pole Synchronous – 6 Point Body Contact Support Spindle – Acetal Ball Bearing
Motor Mount 2 Ball Race Bearings & Silicone Motor Spring
Pulley Super Precision Aluminum Alloy
Drive Belt Precision Ground Polymer
Platter 12” / 6.3 kg (aluminium)
Platter RG-1 Super Precision Aluminum Alloy
Platter RG-1 Super Precision Aluminum Alloy – Single Piece 3mm Bonded Acrylic Record Interface
Bearing Spindle RG-1 Super Precision Tungsten Carbide – Roundness/Concentricity & Finish < 1 Micron
Bearing Housing RG-1 Aerospace Grade Phosphor Bronze – Clearance < 4 Microns
Plinth Structure Clear Cast Acrylic – 30 mm Thick Top & Bottom Plinths 20mm Thick Sub-plinth & 15mm Mid-Plinth
Isolation System 3 Stage Compliant & 2 Stage Rigid
Motor Drive P/S Precision Crystal Referenced
Speeds 33.3 & 45 rpm (< 0.2%)
Wow & Flutter < 0.02%
Rumble < -85dB