Tour of Rutherford Audio Headquarters

*note: our interior has changed dramatically since this posting. 

As an importer and distributor of the finest European Hi-Fi Audio Equipment we strove to find the most suitable location for our headquarters and showroom in Canada. This is our building; a grand monument to the internationally respected “Made in Germany” label and a testament to the quality of products and service we provide.

Nestled in an industrial part of Vancouver’s suburbs, visitors are often surprised by the sheer grandeur of our headquarters. As they approach they’re inevitably confronted by the dazzling Porsche collection on the first floor. Models include a GT3 RS 4.0, a Stuttgart Special GT2 and the new 2015 GT3, we hope to add a Mercedes AMG GT-S this year. Blueprints, layout, and planning of the building are all referenced against traditional German bauhaus design and incorporate highly sustainable green technologies; with water reclamation, high-end security, lighting and appliances all imported from Germany. To top it off, the interior is warm, bright, and spacious with an elegant modern touch. All of these features combine to make this edifice an ideal home for the world-class German and European high-fidelity audio equipment we offer.

If you’re considering investing in Burmester, ELAC, Roksan, Thorens or any of our fine audio systems, please call ahead and book an appointment.


Rutherford Audio Headquarters Front


Rutherford Audio Headquarters Front 2


Rutherford Audio Headquarters Front First Floor


Rutherford Audio Headquarters Front Day Time Second Floor


Rutherford Audio HQ Entrance Stairwell




Rutherford Audio Go Pro Showroom


Rutherford Audio Go Pro Showroom 2


Rutherford Audio Burmester System


Rutherford Audio Thorens Display TD 209, 240, 170,


Rutherford Audio Porsche Collection