New Aedle Display Stand Is Here

As an audio dealer with a brick-and-mortar shop you’re well aware that you have a critical advantage over online competitors; you have the chance to put your product in the consumer’s physical space. For high-end luxury headphones like these beautiful Aedle VK-1’s, that puts your conversion rate leaps and bounds ahead. There’s something about seeing a high quality product in person, smelling it, touching it, and hearing it that validates a customer’s desire for a product, especially if the headphones are nicely displayed within reach.

“For retailers,” writes John Thomson, editor of WifiHifi Magazine, “touch is your most powerful selling tool. Touch triggers emotion, emotion triggers want.” This is especially the case with Headphones. Prospecting headphone buyers want to assess the headphones’ sound quality and discover how it feels on their head. Even the little things matter as they’re trying to make an informed decision. By getting close-up to the cord or the lambskin leather stitching they can gain confidence that the manufacturer has paid attention to small details.

“Watch how a customer will caress a speaker,” continues John, “or turn the dials of an amp or interact with a remote – even if the products are not on. What we are doing is validating the sensory experience of touch. Watch how the best guys on the floor will hand a customer the product, then watch how a customer who really has no interest in buying will keep his hands in his pockets!” Touch plays a fundamentally critical part in the purchasing process, especially for higher priced products like these. The human desire for touch will never go away.

Now we have a beautiful stand to display the Aedle headphones. All of the advantages of showcasing products at brick-and-mortar shops are compounded with this clean aluminum minimilist display. At Rutherford Audio we are offering them to our brick and mortar dealers. Contact us if you would like to use them in your store.

We thought they looked so good that we took some photos in our gallery. Scroll down to take a look.

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