T+A’s DAC 8 DSD rules the world of DSD

Every year our brands bring in multiple series of products, but occasionally we get a few that just blow us out of the water. The all new DAC 8 DSD is one of those components! Since it’s launch at CES16 it has been consistently sold out the second we get the product in. It is truly thanks to a unique part of our audio industry, the computer audiophile. The computer audiophile world, specifically computeraudiophile.com has been raving about the DAC(Digital Audio Converter). The excitement over there has been great! We love it so much that we contacted Chris who runs Computer Audiophile and let him know we will get him a DAC 8 DSD to review for his audience.

Here is an example of some of the comments you can find while browsing the forums:

…we up-sampled Patricia Barbers ” Let it Rain” live performance from Companion from DSD64 to 512. This was the biggest surprise for me. You were in the club with ambient sound from the venue all around. Someone said it was like having pinpoint imaging, but without the sharp point.

“There is a huge difference between DSD256 and 512, there is just more emotion conveyed at DSD 512.

We listened to a hastily built PC with a I7-6700k, Asus z170 mobo, 8gb crucial ballistic RAM, Seasonic fanless 400 watt PSU, and ISCSI boot with upsampling via Hqplayer. A Scythe low profile fan and heatsink were used for cooling. The 220 volt T+A was powered by a step up transformer.

We all agreed that this was the future of DAC design. The simple chipless DSDDAC design in the T+A is the way to go!


The popularity of the DAC 8 DSD is no doubt thanks to its capabilities to play DSD 512 that far exceed anything at even twice its price. Many have said that at the DAC 8 DSDs price they can’t believe that its as good as people are hyping it. In my short time with it, it was amazing, unfortunately because they have been selling so fast I haven’t even had one to listen too for more than 48 hours, which is why I have given you others sound impressions and not my own. I definitely look forward to the hours of listening I will be putting into the DAC when we finally have been re-stocked for longer than a day. 

Sound Gallery’s DSD Event


One of the original supporters of the DAC was Sound Gallery whom even used it at their Music Server launch of the SGM2015 during the Munich High End Show. Robb Niemann and Norm Steinke were both there along with Lothar Wiemann and many others from T+A. Part-time audio’s Matthias Brötzmann was also at the show and wrote a great article on the event. His sound impressions of the event make it sound like the universe has finally aligned and world peace prevails!

Sound Impressions

The first listening experience was overwhelming. I’ve never heard stereo music as authentic and realistic. Everything sounded crystal clear, smooth sounds floated through the darkened room, pleasing to the ear, seduced into a world from which it does not want to escape…

T+A DEALERS with the DAC 8 DSD

Thanks to the popularity of our new DAC I want to highlight a few of our T+A dealers whom have the DAC 8 DSD on demo for you to go listen to right now! We currently have five DAC 8’s out on showroom floors, Sunny Components in LA, AudioArt just outside of Boston, Audio Solutions in Indianapolis, Audio Doctor in New Jersey and Everest Audio in Regina Canada. You can check out our Find a Dealer page here to see their exact locations.

We have been hand selecting our T+A dealers and we plan to bring on a select few more in key markets. We always strive to find the best dealers for our products because we want our customers to deal with the best. A few of the prime qualities we look for include:

  1. Have product in the showroom. -We want you to listen and hear for yourself, it can’t happen without demo gear!
  2. Excellent customer service. -We expect them to be top quality dealers!
  3. An excitement for the product. -It does us and our customers no good if they just point at the product and say “go listen!”
  4. Finally, a forward thinker. -We must always think for the future and how the industry will change!

Sunny Components

Dealer Page: http://www.rutherfordaudio.com/sunny-components/
Website: http://sunnyaudiovideo.com/
Address: 1370 E. Cypress St. Suite D, E Covina, California – 91724
Phone: 626.966.6259

sunny components dac 8 dsd

First up, Sunny Components is likely T+As number 1 North American dealer. Sunil, the owner is one enthusiastic T+A lover! He knows more about the brand than likely anyone else across America. Sunny Components has nearly all of T+A’s gear in stock from their Criterion line speakers and R Series all the way up to the Solitaire speakers with the HV Series. Here you can see the DAC 8 DSD with the R Series along with it’s counterpart the AMP 8. Sunny Components recently had the DAC 8 DSD at The Show Newport. He had it alongside the AMP 8 and he was powering Ryan Speakers and the reception was fantastic. Sunny Components ended up selling two of them at the show! For those of you in the LA region, Sunny Components is the place to go to try out the DAC 8, or any T+A gear for that matter.


Dealer Page: http://www.rutherfordaudio.com/audio-art-dealer-page/
Website: http://www.audioartne.com/
Address:615 Boston Post Rd. Sudbury MA 01776
Phone: 978.579.4907


AudioArt may be a brand new high end audio dealer, but Dave Shore has been in the business for decades! He carries from us not just T+A, but Thorens and Burmester as well. Dave Shore himself is an expert craftsmen and makes most of his furniture handmade by himself which is available for purchase! He also has a bunch of beautiful art having turned his showroom into a art gallery on top of an excellent HiFi store. He has the DAC 8 DSD and AMP 8 together in his upstairs showroom. At AudioArt they are running with Audeze LCD 3 headphones. If you are in the Boston area, this is the place to get your DSD on!

Audio Solutions

Website: http://theaudiosolutions.com/
Address:6340 Ferguson St. Indianapolis in 46220

Audio Solutions has been opened since 1995 and has recently picked up the T+A line from us. One of their first purchases was the DAC 8 DSD so that they could target the DSD market. They do even more than just have high end audio showrooms, they install systems into homes and do home automation as well. They are a one stop shop for everything audio related and one of the best in Indiana!

Audio Doctoraudiodoctor









Website: http://www.audiodoctor.com/
Address: 112 Sherman Pl. Jersey City NJ 07307
Phone: 877.4AV.CURE

Audio Doctor has 3 floors of sound rooms, and eight individual listening areas, including a dedicated Movie Theater with five playable Home Theaters and Media Room scenarios, all to create the best possible experience for their clients. You can find the DAC 8 DSD here and demo it with Audio Doctor on one of their many systems. Their showroom is always open by appointment, give them a call from the phone number above to set up a demo today.

Everest Audio

Dealer Page: http://www.rutherfordaudio.com/everest-audio/
Website: http://everestaudio.com/
Address:918 Albert Street Regina, SK S4R 2P7


In Canada you can find the DAC 8 at our office in Vancouver or at this awesome dealer, Everest Audio. Ever since its launch Everest Audio knew they had to have one in their showroom. As soon as we knew when they were coming Everest Audio began planning an open house event to showcase the DAC! During the event the DAC was powering some ATC loudspeakers and after their weekend of listening this is what Everest Audio had to say:

“This is truly a spectacular DAC! The matching AMP 8 is outstanding as well. The two together make for a beautiful and compact system without compromise.”

The Next Show

The next show that you will be able to demo the DAC 8 DSD is the CEDIA expo in September. Registration started June 8th, so get on there and register to see the DAC 8 DSD! We will be in booth 6828 and you can add us to your show calendar on this link here.

For those of you whom have listened to the DAC 8, send us your comments I would love to hear them! chad@rutherfordaudio.com

To get more information on the DAC 8 DSD including the catalog here.