Supporting the Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra

The VMO’s 2015/2016 season just finished with a bang at an outdoor concert in downtown Vancouver. The concert was spectacular and we had multiple members attend including Steve Coombe whom sits on the board of VMO. We have had some questionable weather this summer up in Vancouver and thankfully during the outdoor concert, the sun held strong!



Can you see me way up there on he platform? No? Well thats where I was for part of the concert! This will be the 3rd year the VMO has done the concert here and it was without a doubt the best one thus far.

A little about the VMO

The Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra is a non-profit society founded by Maestro Kenneth Hsieh. Since its inception in 2003, the VMO has been dedicated to providing superior orchestral mentorship for talented music graduates, helping them move from student to professional.

Throughout the entire season the VMO offers auditions to help the young talent of Vancouver. They even bring in amazing composers and musicians from around the globe to play alongside the VMO. This gives not just these young musicians great opportunities to be seen but us the listener opportunities to listen some of the great composers from around the world.

The VMO’s talent has become renowned in their respective fields touring with some of the greatest musical organizations around the world. As a testimonial to the success of the VMO, many of our alumni have continued their involvement with the organization by becoming a VMO mentor.

Aedle Headphones

Photo 2016-05-27, 8 42 56 PMFor the 2015Photo 2016-05-27, 9 20 49 PM/2016 season we donated a pair of our Aedle VK-1 Classic headphones. A beautifully constructed leather headphone, hand made in France. At each concert a silent auction is held for donated products and our headphones were the stars! They only lasted one auction but one lucky attendee was able to get these headphones for a discount while supporting the talented musicians. On the right is winner Patricia Cahill and Steve Coombe of Rutherford Audio.

The 2016/2017 Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra Season

The season will kick off on October 7th at the Michael J Fox Theater. The Award-Winning Canadian Conductor Ken Hsieh will be running the concert along with Piano Soloists Linda Ruan. You can see the programme below. Tickets are on sale at $30 for general admission and $25 for students and seniors.

Hoffmann: VMO Commission, World Premiere
Tchaikovsky: Piano Concerto No. 1 in B-flat minor
Dvorák: Symphony No. 7 in D minor

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