Stereo Magazines new English Version is here!

STEREO magazine has over four decades of experience, it’s own listening rooms, testing labs and ease of access to the top brands in Europe and now they have started their new English version. Now in their 3rd issue and the new english version is available completely free on the day it’s published! You can either download it or flip through it on a adobe flip reader on their website The magazine is a 50-page bimonthly addition that will bring you reviews, news and in-depth insight into people and technologies behind the world’s finest audio equipment. If you are attending The Munich High End Show you will have a chance to meet up with Michael Lang the editor of Stereo Magazine and grab a copy of the new english magazine at the show.

Issue #1

dieterburmesterThe first issue featured an excellent article on the late Dieter Burmester of Burmester Audio. Stereo Magazine took a look at Dieters life achievements from his start in the industry in 1977 with his first 777 amplifier on up to his mobile concert hall by bringing Burmester systems to luxury cars like Bugatti, Porsche and Mercedes. Dieter left a lasting legacy of art and passion and we already miss him. You can read more on the article at Stereo Magazine.

Issue #1 also featured the Nagra Jazz, EMT, Infinity Beta, Focal Sopra No. 2,  and PS Audio’s DSD DAC. The issue was first released in December of 2015 and is on a bi-monthly schedule.

Issue #2

stereorseriesThe second issue brought us an excellent review on T+A’s R-Series. With a 4 page report on the entire R-Series stereo magazine went through the entire series and broke apart all the components to give you an inside look. The R Series itself has 4 components, The MP 2000 R, PA 2000 R, G 200o R and the bigger PA2500 R. You can read more on the article at Stereo Magazine.

Also in this issue they reviewed DS Audio’s DS-W1, Octave V80 SE, a CES Show Report, AudioQeusts Nighthawk Headphones, the Raidho X3 and they even went over Compact Systems – active vs passive.


Issue #3

phase3adWe had no major review in this issue, but we did throw in a nice Phase 3 ad! In this issue we enjoyed the comparison between compact vs floor-standing speakers. It comes as no surprise the bookshelf speakers lack in the lower frequency range, however some bookshelf owners may be using a subwoofer along their bookshelves. We have found in our experience even with a pair of Bookshelves and a Sub, a full floor-standing speaker will likely still have a much better sound. However when it comes to the best value, like some of the comparisons, we have no doubt bookshelves can be a better deal at times.

This issue reviewed the KEF Blade 2, Digbit Aria, Einstein The Amp Ultimate, Brinkmann Edison, AKG N90Q and had a preview of whats to come at High End 2016!

We love that Stereo Magazine is now offering an option in english and will continue reading this great magazine. You can get it for free by download or view it in your browser on their website. Issue #3 came out this April and will be available at the Munich High End Show. The next issue will be coming in June and we look forward to their reviews of Munich and discussion about all the new products from the show.