Rutherford Audio's luxury HiFi brands at CEDIA 15 

The fall is a busy time of year for us, we just finished up at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest and are moving right into CEDIA. This year we are building a completely custom booth and bringing out completely new product lines that are now making their debut into the Rutherford Audio booths in North America at CEDIA! The highlight is Lyravox, an all in one luxury sound system that we think the Audiophile world is going to absolutely fall in love with! The stereomaster has not yet been seen in North America and we are proud to be representing the system in Dallas. 

Fresh out of Europe  

Rutherford Audio continues to grow as we are bringing in a number of new brands to North America, including Lyravox, T+A, Vinylmaster, Artnovion and of course some new equipment from our classic brands Burmester, Thorens, Scheu Analog, Soundsmith, Aedle and Vertere. 


Lyravox is a German company of diligent audio engineers, enthusiastic music lovers and passionate designers. This Hamburg based HiFi manufacturer has produced an absolute masterpiece that the world is going to love! The stereomaster comes in a 240, 200 and 170 system. The stereomaster is designed to match the acoustic diffuse field of a live piano performance. You can learn more in our digital brochure or come by and ask us any questions about it. We will have a 170 set-up at the Rutherford Audio Booth, the number signifies the length and name. The length in cm! That’s roughly 5 and a half feet for all the non-metric out there!   

Lyravox Stereomaster - HiFi all in one system  


We will have two Burmester rigs in our booth and an entirely different rig in another booth on the CEDIA floor. You can expect the reference system, as well as some other smaller pieces from the classic line and home theatre line. If you have any questions about Burmester Audio our experts will be there to answer them! 

Burmester Reference System

T+A(Theory and Application) 

The HV series was nominated for numerous awards at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest and will be displayed at the show alongside some her sister series including the R series and depending on space the Criterion Speaker line. T+A are a group of scientists and engineers whose mission is to produce absolutely perfect sound. 

HV Series with Criterion Loudspeakers



Keeping records clean is an essential, with the Vinylmaster this is easier than ever! We have over 300 records that we have gone through in our office on this glorious machine.  We will have some records to display the efficiency, but bring your own if you want to truly see its effectiveness.

Vinylmaster - Record Cleaner



Artnovion has a true passion for acoustics and their High End Acoustic Panels are so amazing and beautiful they can transform any listening environment to not just meet the acoustical needs you have but turn it into a gallery displaying some of the finest art in the world.

Artnovion Home Theatre Acoustic Panels



What else will be on display? 


TD 550

We will have four Thorens turntables at the event. Including the TD 550 reference tables as well as the ever popular TD 203. Alongside our Thorens equipment we will have Thorens shirts at the booth, come buy and pick one up or keep in touch on social media for potential contests! 



Scheu AnalogueScheu Analog will be represented at our booth with one of their finest turntable. These tables are absolutely stunning, beautiful and completely hand crafted by the finest engineers in the world. Come by and watch these beauties spin and enjoy a class of wine along side it! 



SoundsmithA number of our tables will be fitted with SoundSmith cartridges and we will have plenty of cartridges available for you to see and purchase. The Zephyr will be at the show and we will be posting an article hear soon title: "The Breaking in of the Zephyr Cartridge!" Stay tuned and come by to watch these fabulous cartridges work.  

Aedle The luxury of Aedle headphones will be on display along with some teaser information on their new ODS-1 headphones! We love listening through our VK-1s, they not only sound amazing they are absulutely beautiful and classy. Come by and you can test out these headphones on any one of our live systems. 


The Booth in All its Luxury

CEDIA Rutherford Audio Booth 

Our booth is going to be spectacular and the team is going to have a blast building it! We will be putting up walls, hanging up Diffusers, Absorbers, TVs and you will have the chance to sit in one of the comfiest listening chairs in the business! We are booth #6009 and you can schedule a visit or just see were we are located here.

Swing by and you will have the chance to purchase some Thorens shirts and even win one in a contest or two we will be running! Check in on our social media to hear about those contests. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook pages will all be used to inform our audience of the upcoming events for Rutherford Audio! 

We hope to see you there, whether you are a dealer, audiophile, manufacturer or just your casual listener we have something for all of you to see! So swing by and check us out.