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If you're in New York this weekend (Saturday 29 August) you have the opportunity to check out an event showcasing one of the highest quality sound systems in the world! The company putting it together is Crescendo; a high end audio dealer that gives you total control of your home systems providing private cinemas, lighting and shade, and sophisticated CCTV/Networking all while partnering with state of the art audio companies like Burmester Audio to give you the ultimate life style experience.

Burmester Audio, having recently ranked #4 in top luxury brands in Germany, will be bringing their top of the line reference system. The equipment produced by Burmester is unsurpassed in quality as they take to heart the message of the late Dieter Burmester to “produce a sound that makes you forget you are listening via electronic equipment.” All Burmester equipment is handmade by the best engineers in the industry whose attention to detail is the foundation of the Made in Germany reputation.

Rutherford Audio and Burmester bring to you a system built for precision

Rutherford Audio is the North American distributor for top of the line audio systems including Burmester and many others. Norm Steinke the President of US sales for Rutherford will be representing the system and will be attending the event. Norm will be available to answer any inquiries about the system in place. He is without a doubt one of the highest qualified representatives to speak about the system just after the engineers themselves, so we encourage you to get to this event and fire away with all the questions you have about this profound system.

The system will have a total cost of $325,000 which will include the following:

Burmester B80 MKII Speakers

B80 MKII Speakers

System Specs: Frequency response: 30Hz-25kHz, Rated power: 300 watts, Efficiency : 2.83V/1m 9 0 dB



Burmester Reference 909 MK5 Power Amplifier

MK5 Power Amp

Technical Data: Power output Stereo: 2 x 600 W (4 Ω), 2 x 1.250 W (1 Ω) (at appropriate AC input), Mono: >1x 1.930 W (4 Ω), >1x 3.200 W (1 Ω), Continous peak current 65 A Damping factor >1000, Noise suppression >81 dB Input sensitivity 730 mV for full gain320 mV for 100 W into 4 Ω load Frequency response 0-200 kHz (-3dB) 20 selected power transistors per channel



Burmester Reference 077 Preamplifier

077 Pre-Amplifier

Connections: ANALOGUE-Inputs: 6 x sym (INPUT 6 can be used as Surround) 1 x asym (Module – Standard: Line) ANALOGUE-Outputs: 1 x sym (MAIN) 1 x sym (RECORD) REMOTE IN/OUT for remote switching of other BURMESTER components BURLINK for remote control via RS-232 and USB



Burmester 100 Phono Preamplifier

100 Phono Pre-Amp

Technical Specs: Frequency Response: 30Hz-25kHz, Rated Power: 300 Watts, Efficiency: 2.83V/1m 9 0 dB, Nominal impedance: 4 ohms, Crossover frequencies: 200Hz, 2,400Hz



Burmester Reference 948 Power Conditioner with matching Burmester Silver Cables

948 Power Conditioner

System Specs: Eight power outlets, Absolutely no power limitation for components connected to the outlets without RF filtering, 10 volts DC-Input for remote switching by Burmester preamps Electrically and magnetically triple-shielded Burmester Power 2.5 AC cord as standard power connection (2m length)


Thorens 550 Turntable

Thorens 550

Product information

When you get to the event don’t forget to take pictures and share your experience on Facebook.  We are open to all communication from our valued customers and we would love to hear what you think about this system. If you live in New York and can’t check out the event share it with your friends. This is absolutely worth the trip. How often do you get to hear a luxury audio system, quoted by Financial Times as giving an experience "Better than Live” music.

You can find the Facebook event here


29 August 2015

Event Address:

641 County Rd 39a, Southampton, New York 11968

Event Time:

Saturday, August 29th 10:00am - 3:00pm in EDT