Porsche Burmester

It's Luxury Super Car Weekend!

This weekend is Vancouver Luxury Super Car weekend on the 12th and 13th. The weather is looking good and we are excited to be attending. There is nothing better to us than sexy sounds coming from the sexiest and fastest cars in the business! There will be over $200 Million worth of luxury and sports cars at this event and while you are browsing the finest luxury cars in the world there will be food, wine and cocktails all provided by Vancouvers premier restaurant/bar businesses. 

The event will be hosted at the 22 hectares Vandusen Botanical Gardens. The elegant landscapes and the beautiful plants ranging from the Himalayas to the Mediterranean will perfectly compliment the luxury cars on display this weekend. Oh and did I forget to mention that at the entrance of the Gardens you will have the capability to test drive three cars.

Lamborghini Huracan
Tesla Model S
Ferrari California

Unfortunately none of these have the infamous Burmester Sound System, but rest assured Burmester will be there. If for some reason you have never heard The Burmester Sound now is your chance to come and check out what all the hype is about. Rutherford Audio is the proud North American distribution company for Burmester Audio and you can come visit us at the event alongside the Vancouver Island Motorsports Resort! 

Vancouver Island Motor Sport ResortVancouver Island Motor Sport Resort

Currently under construction on Vancouver Island the Motor Sport Resort will be one of a kind in North America. The location is absolutely beautiful and we are proud to be partnering with Vancouver Island Motor Sport Resort for this event. The track will feature 19 corners and plenty of elevation change to get your adrenaline going. The resort will also have a state of the art safety system as well as on-site professionals in the pit to answer your every question. 

Visit the Luxury Car Event Website or the VIMSR!

Vancouver Island Motor Sport Resort Luxury Super Car

Rutherford Audio at Vancouver Luxury Car Weekend

This weekend may be about cars, but since 1930 when the first Commercial In Car Radio System was invented Audio has been an integral part of luxury cars. A decade ago we were still upgrading the stock audio systems ourselves, but now Luxury cars have begun partnering with high-end audio companies to bring you the sound you deserve. With the amount of time humans are now spending on the road, our vehicles should be our mobile private listening rooms. 

For those whom have other cars without the upgradeable option for Burmesters superior surround sound system, your time will come! There are other great audio systems out their, but for now you can't move a Burmester sound system into just any car. The sound systems are specifically designed with a specifics car in mind. Audio engineers have no doubt spent countless hours staring at The Porsche 911 trying to figure out the optimal position for each speaker to create the essential experience of The Burmester Sound.