We have a new page up and running were you can see every single speaker Rutherford Audio distributes. The page is currently up and running and we will be adding a new section to the page soon of pictures of our speakers hooked up to customer systems! 

Rutherford Audio carries speakers from, Burmester, T+A and Roksan. Our Burmester speakers have already garnered the international fame that they rightly deserve with their incredible engineering. My new favourite speaker is the Burmester B10! Bookshelves! I love them they fill up our office space with some incredible sound. 

T+A is another German company that we are bringing to North America and they have two lines of speakers the Criterion and the Solitaire line. The Solitair speakers are massive beasts that can be truly powered to product a sound that can match every other high end speaker on the market! The Criterion line has a wide range of speakers all of which are transmission line speakers and are absolutely stunning visually. 

Our Final speakers come from Roksan, while they only produce two speakers the value is well above what they are priced at. These speakers can truly pack a punch and are definetely in the affordable range for new audiophiles breaking into the market! 

Check out the new page here. Or visit the brand shop pages below: 

Burmester Audio