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Starting off in 2016 we have officially taken over Acoustical Systems distribution across North America. Acoustical Systems is a family business that has a philosophy of pushing the envelope of the most demanding audiophiles. With each new product they design they look at what is missing in all the available designs and find the best possible way to create that missing dimension.

Every audio component designed by Acoustical Systems offers a new level of performance and this is were they push the limits. If you can imagine it, Acoustical Systems will develop it. Their Apolyt Turntable is a testament to this philosophy in that they took every aspect of a high-end turntable and made it better. Coming in at $349,000USD with only 22 built in the entire world, this turntable unchains your vinyl and sets the music free.

As for the rest of the products from Acoustical Systems let me introduce you to them…

The APOLY Turntable

The Apolyt turntable will only have 22 to be ever produced. You can fully customize this turntable and we will be featuring it in it's own article soon. It is without a doubt on the list of the worlds most expensive turntables and will be premiering soon for you to listen too! Keep in touch and as we will be releasing more information on this turntable soon.


Every product is made and assembled in Germany.  The two tonearms that are produced by Acoustical Systems are the Axiom 12” and the Acuilar 10” tonearms.

The Axiom 

Ancient Greek for ‘That, which commends itself as evident,’ this reference tonearm is a dynamically fully balanced pivot tonearm. It is the only tonearm that takes into account all geometrical aspects and considers every single possible inherent force. The Axiom features a VTF (vertical tracking force) non-touch adjustment that allows you to adjust on the fly during playing. It is built with Carbide Hardened Titanium and a Carbon-composite arm pip with internal liquid dampening on the whole inner surface. The tonearm has a dynamic effective moving mass from 22g to 42g in a fixed mounting and 29g to 48g in SME-bayonet version. 

The Aquilar

Ancient latin for “The Eagle” The Aquilar sours above its competition. Tremendous amount of R&D was placed into developing a truly superior 10” tonearm; one that could easily mount on all turntables thanks to the slightly reduced effective length. With non-resonance HD18 tungsten carbide counterweight it is capable of precision levelling of the bearing plane – independent of arm board / turntable. 


With three cartridges in different price ranges, Acoustical Systems offers a unique and superior sonic performance for each price range. The use of silver coils combined with a modified old-school approach allows for a concentration on creating a sound, which provides a clear soundstage as a true reflection of the recording venue.

Archon “ruler”

Made from a solid block of Timet 1100 – an ultra-strength Titan alloy. The Archon utilizes an internal liquid dampening at certain area to allow energy to transfer and conserve to bring you the smallest details in sound.  The Archon is an individual numbered limited edition low-output moving coil cartridge.

Astron “Star”

 The best of the best of the Archon; each Archon cartridge is tested and the top 18 are turned into Astron Cartridges. The Astron features additional dampening and it features a constellar pattern handcrafted and inlayed with 24kt Gold. Specifically designed for listening to classical music the Astron has only 18 cartridges built each year.

Aiwon “the eternal principle of play”

The Aiwon shares a similar architecture as the smaller brother – the archon – it however incorporates different improvements in the most vital components. With the Aiwon you get 24kt gold traces epoxied to grooves in the titanium body to eliminate resonance related effects. Each Aiwon is handcrafted and carefully fine-tuned by one person and will show you what your audio system is really capable of.

Alignment Tools

When you want to produce the best possible equipment, you must then reduce the human factor of end users failing to set up the equipment properly. To accomplish this task Acoustical Systems has some of the best tools available on the high-end market. 


The SMARTractor is for audiophiles who are interested in aligning their systems with the utmost precision. It features 5 tangential curves combined in one template and is made from 3mm strong premium grade acrylic. It is quite easy to use and has 1 point fixed setting. Utilizing the SMARTractor allows your system to have less stess on human voices with more subtle detail, less gain and increased air. You will love the performance your system gains from precision alignment.


Acoustical Systems is determined to make your system perfect. With the SMARTstylus setting the desired SRA / VTA is easy, fast and enjoyable. Were the SMARTractor makes sure the first two dimensions are perfect, the SMARTstylus ensures perfection in the 3rd dimension of cartridge set-up 


There are a few accessories that you can get from AS. The Arch headshel and the HELOX reflex clamp system. Like everything else from Acoustical Systems, their accessories are designed to turn your turntable into the most sonically sound and acoustically proficient beast possible!

Arche Headshell

The Arche Headshell was built with one purpose in mind: to bring to your ears and senses the utmost musical experience with the best possible acoustics. Your cartridge in a headshell will preserve every tiny detail and transfer every nuance of energy extracted from the stylus. 


The reflex clamp combines some of the most important functions and features arising around the tracking process. In order to ensure extremely good contact pressure the helix provides a new clamp principle, one that applies more pressure than any vacuum suction. This is done with a unique reflex-function that does not add much weight on the bearing. It also offers the option to fine adjust to speed of the stylus drag, resulting in accurate speed under real working conditions. The HELOX works on all turntables with a standard spindle diameter and even on turntables with an unusually long spindle.

Join the Acoustical System Team

You can join the team by purchasing one of these fantastic tonearms and tools yourself! We have only had the product line for a matter of days and have already been getting phone calls non-stop with inquiries about Acoustical System. For the potential dealer reading this, if you are interested in carrying Acoustical Systems in your store call us today! 303.872.6285

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