Switzerland and France used to be the countries directly associated with European luxury but Germany has gained some significant ground over the years. Especially in industries requiring precise mechanical and electrical engineering craftsmanship. Deutsch luxury now dominates the automobile and consumer electronics sectors and is often considered the best in the world.

To pay homage to Germany’s growing reputation Bunte, a popular weekly magazine, recently published a list of Germany’s top 10 luxury brands. The article can be seen here. 

To compile the list Bunte conducted a survey using a panel of 163 experts from across the luxury spectrum including journalists and trade professionals. They narrowed down an initial list of 86 companies. To qualify each company had to have an annual turnover greater than 10 million euros, headquarters in Germany, and a product range clearly befitting the luxury standard.

Of the final ten, two high-end German audio brands were listed: T+A at number 7 and Burmester at number 4.

The results were as follows:

10: Meissen

Meissen State Porcelain is an obvious choice. This company dominated the style of European porcelain for centuries and still crafts lavish artisanal pieces. It now also carries a host of other luxury items, including jewelry and fashion (Meissen Couture).



9: Leica

Arguably the best cameras in the world; Canon and Nikon have nothing on these. They look amazing, sporting the retro look while equipped with the absolute latest technologies.




8: Chronoswiss

Watchmaker founded in 1981 with the steadfast mission of providing the most extraordinary timepieces. Despite its relative young age, the brand’s knack for innovation quickly brought it into the premier league.



7: T+A Audio systems

A brand we’re particularly proud to see on this list. T+A—Theory and Application—is a high-end German audio company with significant engineering prowess. These speakers, turntables, network players, and amplifiers sport the latest technologies and have an aesthetic appeal to embellishe even the most lavish homes.

  T+A Audio systems


6: Gaggenau

One of the most coveted brands for appliances, refrigerators and other kitchen electronics is Gaggenau. A company based in the heart of the Black Forest. Its products are featured in the kitchens of the world’s most ritzy homes and restaurants.


5: Bulthaup 

More luxury in the kitchen. Bulthaup provides the refined cabinets you’d expect to find in the home of a celebrity chefs and Hollywood icons. This company stands for timeless design and equipment of the highest quality.



4: Burmester

Not the first time Burmester has ranked on Germany’s top lists of luxury companies. These audio systems, hand made in Berlin, are arguably the best in the world. Audiophiles around the world dream of one day owning a highly coveted Burmester reference system, let alone the various legendary amplifiers, components, and speakers Burmester provides. Be it home audio or luxury car audio, Burmester is in the top seat. 



3: Porsche

Burmester luxury car audio systems are available as upgrade options on all Porsche models, so why not combine two German Luxury brands in one? Ranked at number 3 is the well known Stuttgart sports car maker: Porsche. Very few luxury sports cars compare in overall quality and reputation.



2: Glashütte Original

The silver medal for German luxury goes to Glashütte Original, the watchmaker from Saxony. The history of this timepiece maker goes back to the year 1845. Today Glashütte Original belongs to the Swatch Group and provides each clock with a sequential four-digit number. 

  Glashütte Original


1: A. Lange & Söhne

The absolute luxury Leader also comes from Saxony: the luxury watch manufacturer A. Lange & Söhne. One of these fine timepieces can cost up to two million euros. If that's not a luxury, then what is?

  A. Lange & Söhne



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