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  1. Thorens Double LP Staatskapelle Dresden Cologne

    Double LP Staatskapelle Dresden

    USD $89.00
    One of Thorens' three available sample vinyls. An extremely high quality audiophile recording of one of the world's oldest and most famous orchestras, the Dresden State Orchestra. This album was made for the 125th anniversary of the Thorens company. It's brimmed with musical highlights issued on 180 g premium vinyl, including compositions from Berlioz, Bruckner, Strauss, and Shostakovich. Learn More
  2. Richard Wagner Lohengrin 5 LP Box Set

    Richard Wagner Lohengrin 5 LP Box Set

    USD $159.00
    This 5 LP box set has deep routes in various highly-reputed concert halls throughout Europe, particularly in Spain, Austria, and Germany. It was conducted by the brilliant soviet-born Semyon Bychkov and the recording was made after several concert performances in Cologne. The quality of the pressing and musical performance has been highly praised around the world. During the 2010 Record Awards, BBC Magazine nominated it disc of the year in addition to opera recording of the year. It was also a runner up for best opera recording by Gramophone Magazine. These five 180g premium vinyl LPs make for a masterful set of classical composition. The audio quality is on par with the most exclusive audiophile recordings. It’s the perfect match to any Thorens turntable. Learn More
  3. Thorens LP Best of Fifties and Sixties

    Thorens LP Best of Fifties and Sixties

    USD $89.99
    The best of the Fifties and Sixties! Check out the description to see a full track list. Learn More
  4. Porsche Burmester Sound Track

    Porsche Burmester Sound Track

    USD $249.00
    We have a very limited selection of the Porsche Burmester Sound Track. Check the below description to see the full track list. Learn More
  5. Anne Bisson - Blue Mind

    Anne Bisson - Blue Mind

    USD $30.00
    For anyone that believes great vinyl can’t be pressed from a digital master, look no further than Anne Bisson’s Blue Mind, recorded live with minimal overdubs (only one track, “Dragonfly” features overdubbing) at Reference Studio in Saint-Calixte, Quebec. Vacuum-tube Neumann microphones contribute greatly to the pressing’s enormous, breathy sound. Learn More
  6. Burmester CD-03

    Burmester CD-03

    USD $399.00
    Burmester CD-03 - A Standard above the rest Learn More

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