Vertere Pulse-Xmini | Speaker Cable

Based on Pulse-X, the Pulse-Xmini Speaker Cable also utilises multiple conductors to provide enhanced signal transmission. With both signal conductor set being identical and shielded, it can be configured for ‘balanced’ or ‘single’ ended use depending on shield management and shield connection.


In single ended mode, the Xmini has a shielded signal conductor and the DC Zero conductor configured differently

When intended for use with bridged balanced speaker output power amplifiers, the Xmini is configured with two identical and shielded signal conductors.

Where the speaker has more than one pair of input terminals, ITJs allow terminal connections without the necessity of using compromised binding post links.

High-performance Pulse-Xmini Speaker Cable is based on Pulse-X with Vertere’s unique multiple conductors for enhanced signal transmission.

Vertere Pulse-Xmini | Speaker Cable


Type / Description Stereo Loudspeaker Cable (Single Ended or Bridged
Termination and Length 4mm Banana, Spade 2.00m (Additional lengths in 0.5m steps)
Cable Type x9 & x9 Conductors, Pulse Multi Type
Conductor High Purity Copper
Plating Silver, Tin
Insulation PTFE, PVC
Shield x2 Main Braid for Signal
Connector Vertere with x3 Thickness Gold Plated Contacts
Shield Management No
Size 4.2 x 8.8 mm