THIXAR Silence Plus Platform

The already legendary top-of-the range product in our line of passive hifi equipment stands, the Silence Plus, has been further upgraded during the last year. With the gel support being used in a quite different form, we could create an entirely new design. The upper support surface now fully rests on the gel without any impediments, meaning that it is no longer possible for any vibration at all to get through to the top.

The top surface of the Silence Plus itself is dampened by three different mechanisms, meaning that even vibrations of the equipment itself can be eliminated with extremely high efficiency. Of prime importance is that the absorption occurs across the entire frequency spectrum (large masses are not always good!).

The optimum choices in terms of the properties and innovative arrangement of the materials, as well as the precise matching of individual components lead to an even better performance from the new and improved Silence Plus.


Thanks to the perfect connection of the gel core, the surface on which the equipment stands is even more effectively damped.

Additional materials have been incorporated into the gel core by means of specially developed techniques in order to effectively eliminate specific frequencies.

The flexibility of the gel is combined with other components in such a way that the degree of decoupling is enormously improved, preventing annoying interference even better.

The SILENCE platform employs the gel as a flexible bearing across the full contact surface between the two parts of the equipment platform.

THIXAR Silence Plus Platform


The Thixar Silence Plus is available in the following standard dimensions:

size: M L
width: 450mm 500mm
depth: 360mm 440mm
height: 48mm 48mm
weight: 7.4kg 10.6kg

Custom dimensions are available on request!