Burmester S8 Subwoofer

The S8 sports two side-firing woofers with ultra-long cone throw. Despite its compact dimensions the S8 reproduces even the deepest frequencies without strain. This 'Bass Factory' is suitable for multi-channel home theaters or for existing two channel systems.


Ultra-stable cabinet with extremely stiff internal bracing and rounded edges to avoid unwanted resonance at the housing surface.

Bass damping system at the inside cabinet walls, no sound deadening wool in the bass enclosure to absorb as little as possible of the back-radiating woofer energy.

The bass drivers of the S8 fire sideways. This configuration has the advantage that any unwanted impact sound is cancelling out each other.

Massive binding posts at the back of the cabinet make the distance to the amplifier as short a possible.

Burmester S8 Subwoofer


app. 60 Kg

Power rating:

2000 Watt

Sensitivity (2,83V):


Output range (+/-3dB):


Crossover frequencies:


Slew rate:

24 dB with Butterworth characteristic

Technical specifications

Dimensions (WxHxD):

523 mm x 460 mm x 500 mm