Burmester B80 MK2 Loudspeakers

The B80 Loudspeakers are derived from the flagship B100 speakers. These powerful floor standing speakers can be integrated into virtually any living room. The crossover unit in the B80 MK2 has been perceptibly improved, as has the tonal spectrum of the bass range.

Any previous B80 owners can upgrade to include these improvements.


Low-vibration cabinet walls with thicknesses of up to 37mm plus internal struts to ensure clarity of bass reproduction.

Separate chambers for treble and mid-range units and for the crossover system serve to increase reproduction precision

Two impulse-faithful and deep bass-responsive 21cm chassis in each loudspeaker, including a glass-fibre membrane for superior bass reproduction

Mid-range and tweeter units arranged in a d´Appolito configuration for high dynamics and relaxed listening pleasure

Burmester B80 MK2 Loudspeakers
Top Line Burmester

Technical specifications


290 x 1,400 x 450mm


Approx. 65kg (143.3lbs)

Power rating:

300 watts

Sensitivity (2,83V):

90 dB


4 ohms

Crossover frequencies:

 200 Hz, 2.4kHz

Frequency Response (-3dB):


Bass Units:

2 x 210mm Æ in bass reflex housing
Mid-Range Units: 2 x 130mm Æ in sealed sub-enclosures
High Frequency Units: Isodynamic ribbon with kaladex membrane