Stereophile Burmester B25 Review

It's always fun to visit the Burmester Audio suite at the annual Consumer Electronic Show...The design goals for the B25 were a less expensive, lighter speaker that was easier to set up, while retaining Burmester products' high-quality sound and good looks.

TAS Burmester 089, 036, 948 and B25 Review

Burmester is one of those brands that sells complete systems. You don’t necessarily buy a piece of Burmester, you buy into the Burmester idea. Every single component, from mains plug to loudspeaker, can have a Burmester logo on it, and in most cases there seems to be no overarching reason to break rank.

Home Entertainment B25 and 032 Review (pdf)

I'll never forget the very first time I heard a Burmester amplifier. It was 20-something years ago, and the Burmester Model 878 was bieng compared with a muscle brand, high end American amp. The American amp sounded like a really good hi-fi...but the Burmester sounded more musical.