Tone Audio Burmester 100 Review

This probably isn’t going to be your first phono stage, but it could very well be the last one you will need to purchase – thanks both to Burmester’s legendary build quality and their commitment to product upgrades. Like other products in the Burmester range, the 100 will never become obsolete. Think of it as an investment in your vinyl future.

THFR Burmester 100 Review

The 100 Phono marks Burmester’s first return to the LP marketplace since their successful model 838 released in the 1980’s. The 100 Phono is a proud member of the Burmester Top Line series. It is exceptionally well built, as all Burmester products are, its sleek and modern design highlighted by a mirrored-chrome silver faceplate.

HiFi+ Burmester 100 Review (pdf)

Lets start at the end. The Top Line 100 from Burmester is not so much a hi-fi component as a phono laboratory. It's the vinyl archivist's dream; a method of extracting the signal from a cartridge with unparalleled accuracy and allowing that signal to pass either to an amplifier or a recorder - digital or analogue.