CNET Aedle VK-1 Review

As soon as I spotted the Aedle VK-1 headphones on the Web, I just had to check them out. That was early last year; e-mails were exchanged, and there were delays along the way, but now that I have them I'm happy to report they sound as good as they look.

Headphonia Aedle VK-1 Review

The fashionable looks of the Aedle VK-1 have a little discriminating effect in that it gives an “I’m all about look with sound second” kind of a statement. Surprisingly, the sound captivated me so much that the French lifestyle headphone has become my everyday closed-back portable.

AV Forums Aedle VK-1 Headphones Review

‘If you don’t mind me saying’ said the lady standing behind me at the Sainsburys checkout ‘that is a fantastic looking pair of headphones.’ I didn’t mind her saying it at all. Not only was it the second time it had happened that day - the first had been earlier in the pub..

HiFi Choice Aedle VK-1 Review

The two main ingredients of the VK-1 are leather and aluminium, but – adopting my best Marks and Spencer’s voice – this is not just any old aluminium and leather. The T6066 billet is developed for the aviation industry, while the leather is sourced from Argentinian sheep and is completely free of nicks and imperfections. Combined with the minimalist, but striking industrial design, the result is a pair of headphones that more than anything else at the price feels bespoke.