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Soundsmith is a specialty audio manufacturer located about an hour north of New York City. Founded in 1972, Soundsmith has achieved an enviable reputation in the audiophile world for outstanding sonic quality and extremely high-value products.

Perhaps best known now for their work restoring cartridges and for their Strain Gauge and Fixed Coil cartridges, every Soundsmith product is hand-crafted in Soundsmith’s Peekskill, NY factory by a carefully selected team of artisans and engineers.

Rutherford Audio Inc. proudly represents Soundsmith in North America.


Far lower stored energy .A
Lower Reflected Energy .B
Far higher natural resonant frequency .C


D. Elimination of Azimuth Drift
E. Greater repeatability in production
F. Ability to be rebuilt multiple times
G. far greater likelihood to survive an accident

The Strain Gauge

The Strain Gauge cartridge is not at all like any other cartridge....

All other cartridges are all magnetic generating systems, which require a mass to be constantly moved to generate a voltage. The Strain Gauge does not; the effective moving mass has been reduced by over 80%....allowing the stylus to stay in intimate contact with the groove walls.

Fixed Coil

Highly respected and hand made in the USA, Soundsmith phono cartridges adorn some of the worlds best turntables. Why not add one to yours? We make it easy to find just the right models out of the more than 60 different types available. Use the links below to learn more, or use the filter bar to select one that fits your setup, taste, and budget.

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Soundsmith Zephyr MIMC Star

In the Press

Analog Planet Zephyr Star Review

As the measurements predicted, the Zephyr Star produced as wide a soundstage as I’ve experienced in my room: wide, deep, stable and three-dimensional. Images on the stage were three-dimensional and satisfyingly solid. More impressive was the presentation’s liquidity and complete freedom from mechanical artifacts.

Stereo Mojo The Voice Review

The other sizzling development is the object of this review – “THE VOICE” cartridge. While it is not a Strain Gauge, it has a lot in common with it, one being that both track at a near impossible one gram. What does that mean in practical terms? Less record wear. In the vertical plane, every time you play your precious vinyl, that diamond-hard stylus takes a little bit of the soft plastic groove with it. Less weight means less pressure, thus less wear.

Part Time Audiophile AIDA Review

And easy integration seems to be a hallmark of the Aida. Attaching the cartridge was a simple and straightforward process. Setting azimuth and overhang were a breeze, and dialing in the 1.3 grams of vertical tracking force didn’t take much longer.

Enjoy the Music Mezzo Cartridge Review

There aren't many people involved in audio these days that are as obsessed with their craft as much as the President and Chief Engineer of Soundsmith, Peter Ledermann. His unwavering devotion to his craft of designing and manufacturing phono cartridges (and his other products) is not only well known, but his phono cartridges are claimed by many to be better than anything being offered by other audiophile equipment manufacturers at any price.