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Founded in 1985 in London, United Kingdom, Roksan Audio has since developed into one of the best known and highly regarded names in audio. Still headed up today by the original founder of the company, Tufan Hashemi, the company holds numerous worldwide industry awards and honors, making them continually one of the most internationally successful companies in specialist high-level audio reproduction. /p>

Roksan products are still produced to this day in the UK, from their London-based HQ and factory.

Rutherford Audio Inc. proudly represents Roksan in North America.


Internationally known for our turntables and cd players, we exceed the limit in every price range we compete. Every component built is a receipient of worldwide awards and numerous five star reviews. We will build you your perfect product, I guarantee it!


With High-Fidelity in mind we never turn our backs on sound. Alongside high-fidelity we bring you beauty and elegant design. Through our Oxygene CD Players and Amplifiers you can even get specialized art finishes. We know that audio is more than just sound, it is art that we want to display perfectly.

The might of the CD

Roksan CD players have won countlest best in class awards across their entire price range. From under $2500 all the way up to their $5500 Oxygene CD Player, the Roksan CD Players beat out every other player in their respective price range.

The elegance of Vinyl

There are two lines of turntables for Roksan, the Radius series and the Xerxes series. With over 20 years of research and development put into these turntables, the Xerxes 20 and Radius turntables both produce an inherently accurate presentation of music.

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In the Press

Roksan TR-5 S2

Nothing is ever new in hi-fi, so it's interesting to see when companies do break out of the formulaic template that affordable audio word to- like the TD-5 S2. This Roksan is just a little off the beaten track, which is quite a surprise at the price. Instead of a conventional dome tweeter it sports a ribbon tweeter that works with a more regulatar moving-coil mid/bass unit.

HiFi Pig Roksan M2 Integrated Amp Review

The M2 is now equipped with a set of XLR inputs (a flick of a switch on cd input) which was a surprise and also a very welcome addition over the two previous models and these aren’t just a pair of sockets either, they are fully balanced. Along with the XLRs are a plethora of RCA inputs and outputs – no less than 5 pairs of inputs and two pairs of pre outs for running upto a quad set of monos for bi-amping, or two separate power amplifiers and due to the Caspian having a separate 60VA high quality stage for the preamp section a good clean signal can be utilised from the integrated.

HiFi Pig Roksan Radius 7 Review

Roksan Audio are acknowledged around the world as pioneers of analogue technology, with over thirty years of experience and success in the market, starting with their iconic Xerxes record player (see the review of the latest Xerxes incarnation). The Radius 7’s Perspex construction boasts the same innovative, decoupled dual-layer plinth design but in a new precision-machined ‘glass-effect’ finish. The same striking shape of the plinth layers remains, but as with previous Radius designs this is not only to help the look, but also to control resonance and reduce effective mass.

TAS Roksan K3 CD Player Review

In the system, the K3 CD takes a while to run in, it starts out sounding hard-edged and cold, but after a few days of spinning begins to mellow out. The change is quite marked, more so than with streaming products or DACs, which suggests there is something about the disc reading process that takes a bit of settling in. Once there, its muscular yet evenly-balanced sound proves very entertaining.