The New York Audio Show with Audio Doctor

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Audio Doctor Ques up High-End Demo at New York Audio Show

Audio Boutique to showcase Paradigm’s new Persona Series along with T+A Electrocoustik

Audio Doctor, Rutherford Audio and Paradigm, are proud to unveil one of the most exciting, high performance music displays, at the New York Audio Show! Audio Doctor will be showcasing Paradigm’s new flagship, Persona 9H loudspeakers, along with the East Coast introduction of one of Germany’s top electronics brands, T+A Electrocoustik.

The new Paradigm Persona series, personifies the unbridled passion and technological prowess of Paradigm, one of the world largest and most respected specialty loudspeaker manufacturers

Persona employs completely new Paradigm designed drivers, and features a state of the art tweeter and midrange drivers fashioned from Truextent, 100 % pure Beryllium foil.

Beryllium is for prized for its incredible stiffness, and light weight, enabling a driver to have a level of resolution and speed that makes music sound totally lifelike! Pure Beryllium is used for both the midrange and tweeter drivers throughout the entire series, in particular the 7 inch Pure Beryllium midrange driver is a standout achievement, and offers a naturals and clarity normally reserved for six figure loudspeakers!

Persona ranges from $7,000 a pair (US MSRP) for the Persona B bookshelf/stand-mount loudspeaker, to the Persona 9H Flagship, a remarkable full range hybrid floor standing loudspeaker at $35,000 a pair with a built in subwoofer system, and advanced room correction.

For the first time active room correction has been incorporated into a full range speaker system to allow for thunderous, clean tight bass, no matter what size the space. A novel four-driver, 1,400 active watt internal bass engine allows for true 16hz bass response out of a compact floor standing speaker smaller than ½ the size of competitors, allowing it to effortlessly compete with the world’s $100,000 and above reference systems, the 9H is a true thoroughbred and a must audition for those seeking the best in modern loudspeakers!

Our choice of electronics are equally special: Theory plus Application (T+A). T+A electronics of Germany are known for their incredibly detailed, yet musically involving presentation and seemingly unlimited power!

The magnificent HV series of electronics will be running the entire system. This extraordinary line of electronics is the first solid state line to be designed to actually emulate the musicality of tubes, by employing special output devices and very high voltage rails, the same way that actual vacuum tubes operate. The end result of T+A’s designs is the liquidity of tube equipment mated to the power and pure current delivery of the world’s best solid state designs. The T+A electronics are magnificent handcrafted pieces that compete with the world’s top marquee designs, yet are priced very reasonably for their incredible sound quality and heirloom quality construction.

A new series of cables from Enklein, the Zephyr Series 2 will be revealed at the show. Enklein builds some of the world’s most remarkable, and most technologically advanced cables. The Zephyr 2 employs unique shielding technology and advanced metallurgy which seeks to offer much of the sound quality of the award winning reference David line, for a fraction of the price. Enklein cables are among the world’s best cables, and in terms of design and engineering are in a class by themselves.

About Audio Doctor

Audio Doctor is a unique audio showroom and listening room for enthusiasts, located in New Jersey. This high-end boutique displays one of the largest and most diverse collections of state of the art audio and video equipment on display in the entire region, with systems starting at $1,000.00 to over $180,000.00 for a masterpiece of audio technology. Audio Doctor caters to everyone, from the beginning music lover on a budget, to those seeking the finest in audio and video equipment. The company specializes in the art of stealth audio, the skillful deployment of home entertainment products designed to artistically blend in, harmoniously into a home’s décor. For more information, please visit:

About Rutherford Audio

Rutherford Audio is North America’s premier distribution channel for a select few of Europe’s finest Hi-Fi audio brands. We strive to represent only the best in the market, carefully choosing our partners for their commitment to quality and performance.

Our catalog varies greatly: from the small in size, such as our luxury headphones designed in Paris by Aedle, to Burmester’s immense full-sized home theatre packages and T+A’s brilliantly engineered electronics. Prices range from low cost Thorens replacement parts to ultra high-end reference Amplifiers, Speakers, and top-of-the-line Record Players.

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