The all new Lyravox SM-3!



Heavy audio equipment and complex HiFi-setups are hardly compatible with contemporary lifestyles or aesthetic interiors. This is tragic, as today’s high end audio equipment provides listening pleasure like never before. It is Lyravox’ mission to transform modern high end audio into user-friendly as well as interior-friendly solutions. The result is the Lyravox Stereomaster series of totally integrated, unicabinet audio systems.

Primarily and regardless of their size, all Stereomasters are no-compromise high end audio machines. Employing audio components of the highest grade, matching them perfectly, and forging them to one lossless audio chain is the basis of the concept – an approach that is not possible within traditional audio systems. In addition, the Stereomasters incorporate newly developed acoustic and digital sound projection techniques – for a stereo image that is highly defined while being less dependent on positioning within the room.

Offering all modern music sources and full digital connectivity, a Stereomaster remains the only piece of audio equipment necessary for high class music replay. The available sources include CD, USB storage, home network sources via DLNA (music servers, NASes, PCs), internet radio, internet streaming via TIDAL® or Deezer® , Bluetooth AptX® , digital external inputs, and analog external inputs. All common audio formats are supported, up to a resolution of 24 bit/192 khz (two times recording studio standard). Stereomasters integrate into home networks via LAN or WLAN, and they are compatible with most home automation systems. Multi-room setups of several Stereomasters or their integration into mixed environments are also possible.

Regardless of their performance and feature richness, the Lyravox Stereomasters are just as easy to use as a TV set or an audio ‚gadget’. The key to this is the Lyravox RF remote control with colour display, allowing instant intuitive control of all functions. Alternatively and in parallel, the Lyravox Remote app for iOS® or Android® can be used on smartphones or tablets for controlling a single Stereomaster or a group of units.

As the icing on the cake, Lyravox Stereomasters are not only meant to fit into contemporary interiors, but to complement them favourably. Lyravox offers a wide range of finishes and colour combinations for all Stereomasters, as well as unlimited individual finishes within the Custom Craft program. This is possible because all Stereomasters are individually handcrafted in Hamburg, Germany.


sm3 point

The new Stereomaster SM3 is the most compact Stereomaster model, measuring only 148 x 30 x 19 cm (WxHxD). Yet it is packed with 12 audiophile drivers, including four long-stroke 7’’ woofers in closed baffle configuration, four aluminum 3.5’’ midrange drivers, and four of the legendary Scan Speak® ring radiators. This combination represents a lineup of drivers that have proven to be world class performers in their respective disciplines, but also form a seamless and highly musical blend together. The wall mounted SM3 is a quad-amped digital/active design with six internal audio channels and DSP-based crossover/equalization. Its four passive side speakers serve to widen the stereo image, create a natural diffuse field, and provide an undiminished 180° stereo listening area. With its large total effective membrane area and a power rating of 1.500 watts class D in total, any kind of music can be enjoyed at concert-level dynamics. At the same time, even the most subtle details and images remain audible at subdued listening levels.


In the understanding of Lyravox, high end audio today demands much more than clear sound, wide frequency extension, sonic linearity and powerful dynamics. The distinction between sophisticated audio and audiophile greatness lies in criteria such as musical homogeneity, timing, articulation, colour, micro dynamics, textural richness, depth, and air. These are the aspects that transform recorded music into sensations, and the aspects that all Stereomaster models are optimized for. Most of these qualities are determined by the performance and interaction of speakers, amps, crossover, and cabinet – the focus points of the development of the Stereomaster range. Thanks to their total integration and the employment of the most advanced hard- and software available today, Stereomasters enjoy certain technical advantages in comparison to traditional HiFi-setups:

• A Stereomaster comes without sonic bottlenecks such as interconnect cabling, plugs, interfaces, conversion stages, and, most of all, passive crossovers.

• As they do not have to function as universal standalone units, all components within the Stereomaster can be fully matched to form a ‚perfect audio chain’.

• The digital speaker management of the Stereomaster allows time alignment by micro seconds, thus creating the most homogenous sound possible from a multiple driver system.


The design of the Stereomaster also enables it to a whole new kind of sound projection which resembles the sonics of live music much better than the one-dimensional sound emission of traditional stereo speakers. Using auxiliary side drivers, the Stereomaster re-creates the diffuse field of a live musical performance (see graphic illustration). Another advantage of its multi-channel projection is a stable stereo perception within 180° in front of the unit. The Stereomaster SM3-150 is designed to deliver concert level audio replay in rooms up to 45m2. Room related sound adjustments of the SM3 can be carried out by Lyravox trained dealer personnel.


The exterior of the Stereomaster SM3 is on par with its technical and musical brilliance: Scandinavian design meets German master craftsmanship. All Stereomasters are individually handcrafted in Hamburg, using finest veneers, a variety of unicolour finishes from ultra matte to ultra glossy, and solid metal. The standard exterior options for the SM3 include four veneers and five unicolour coatings, offering extensive interior matching possibilities. Upgrade options include individual colours and black piano finish, along with coated steel and other solid metal choices. Further individualization without limitations are available through our Custom Craft service, from precious metals applications up to handmade mirrored veneers.

A special feature of the SM3 is its magnetic detachable metal facade, which can be swapped against a different coloured metal facade without tools.


The musical performance of the Lyravox Stereomaster can hardly be described, it has to be experienced. Our exclusive dealers will be happy to demonstrate it to you in a private audition.




Dimensions and Weight

148 x 30 x 19cm (W x H x D)

Ideal up to 45m2 room size

Weight: 45,7kg


4 x Scan Speak Ring Radiator Tweeters

(2 in Front, 2 on Sides)

4 x 3.5“ Aluminium Cone Midrange Driver

(2 in Front, 2 on Sides)

4 x 7“ Glassfiber Reinforced Paper Cone

Long Stroke Woofers

2 x 500w + 2 x 250w

Dual Channel T-Pro2

Class D Amplification

by Pascal/Denmark

CD-Drive TEAC CD-SN240

Native CD-Drive




– CD

– USB-Stick

via LAN/WLAN (802.11b, g, n):

– Music Server


– PC

– DLNA-Sources

via Internet:

– Internet-Radio

– Premium Services:

TIDAL, Deezer

via Bluetooth (A2DP, AptX®):

– Smartphone, Tablet, PC etc.

Audio Formats

MP3 up to 320 kBit/s,



up to 192kHz/24Bit


• FLAC up to 192 kHz/24 Bit

• Ogg Vorbis

• WMA (standard only;

no Pro or Lossless)


Gapless Playback at WAV, AIFF, PCM,

FLAC, MP3, ALAC, AAC (m4a)


DOWNLOAD THE BROCHURE: Brochure SM3 engl.05.16pdf