Aëdle has always navigated seamlessly through art, design, performance and technique. As a Paris based company they strive to create a future tradition that redefines what audio luxury should sound look, sound, and feel like.

The Aëdle team began their dream of creating the perfect headphones with minimalistic and refined design with outstanding performance several years ago in France. Internationally acclaimed for their first on-ear model, the VK-1 or ‘Valkyrie’, Aëdle continues to carry on with its mission to create a truly superior audio experience through its innovative product line.

The Odyssee

“Pursuing our journey, aëdle launches this year it’s new creation: the ODS – 1.”


After much anticipation Aëdle has brought to the market their first set of in-ear headphones, introducing the pre-release of the brand new ‘Odyssee’ Headphones.

The ‘Odyssee’, or ODS-1 for short, is a superior new hybrid in ear headphone, conceived for audiophiles on the go. The body is molded ABS and machined Aluminum. Inside a dynamic driver delivers robust and warm lows while yielding to the clarity and high output of a one-way balanced armature driver. It also features a MMCX detachable cable fully sheathed in leather.


Hand Made in Paris

With it’s beautifully hand crafted leather components they are truly a stunning in-ear headphone to see and to hear. The hooks are coated with hand stitched calf leather for maximum comfort and elegance. The finest Italian leather inspires a relentless attention to detail. Months of design and craftsmanship have been devoted to perfecting the headphone in the signature Aëdle style.

Aëdle has a core belief that the key to create unique pieces that transcend time lies in the mastery of details. Located in Montparnasse, Paris, The Aëdle workshop is a crossroad where ideas and know-how meet and vitalize with their creative process. Engineers and designers collaborate together as a family to create unique and timeless products.

Testing out the ODS-1 In Ear Headphones


As one of the few select dealers, Aëdle sent Rutherford Audio North America several sets of new ODS-1’s to test out before their official release on November 21st.

As with any Aëdle product, the presentation and the packaging are absolutely stunning! Your own anticipation is heightened as you begin to open. It’s not an overstatement to say that this is an experience of its own — this amazing luxury item was personally packaged and sent just to you from Paris.

Comfort in design


One of the most important things with in ear headphones is comfort. The ODS-1s are crafted for luxury and they delivered nothing but absolute comfort. With both foam and silicon choices included, you can make our own bud selection.

Each set also comes with 3 different sizes in each material to customize to your ear. You can easily test them each out to find your perfect fit.

When you put them on you can adjust the earpiece via a swivel attached to its hook. This allows you to fine tune the exact direction you want to headphones so you can make them as comfortable as possible.

The leather hooks feels like they aren’t even there. Other hook designs could be called a little annoying, but with several days of running around with these I have hardly noticed them — and better yet, they haven’t fallen off once! They are just firm enough that they don’t bend and fall off, but light and flexible enough to fit behind your ear in seamless comfort.

Luxury Style with HiFi Sound


I did go through testing each bud to see which fits the best for sound performance and comfort. The headphones lock in and once you’ve found your perfect fit, it’s time to have a good long listen. I have a play list that ranges in a wide variety of music; one I use on all my listening sessions with any gear I test out. It’s a growing list of music, as I personally don’t have a favorite genre. I just like ‘good’ music. From Blues, Rock, Country, Electronica and yes even some hip hop/rap!

To start out I went with ‘Riviera Paradise’ by Stevie Ray Vaughan. I listen to this first and always first. I check for the same goose bumps I got listening to my first Burmester system experience. That amazing feeling I had is something I will always remember. I judge everything off of that feeling and when I put on Riviera Paradise I did get those goose bumps again! On a scale of 1-10, 1 being Apples stock in-ear headphones and 10 being a Burmester reference system, I give it a 7.5 on the goose bump scale!

The Gear

I started by listening out on my computer and phone, as they are the most widely used listening devices when it comes to headphones. After that, I took it over to our Hafler Headphone Amps and on up to our Burmester Reference system with a 7.5mm adapter. The sound most certainly scaled, as you would expect as you listen with better and better equipment.

What I have found is that for such small headphones they were surprisingly analytical with a decent amount of depth/headstage. Something I would not expect from in-ear headphones. The small little 10mm drivers are custom made and certainly offer some very natural lows and clarity in the highs. I prefer guitars and these create some magical guitar sounds that I would usually only expect from my floor standers.


The ODS-1s are perfect for the on-the go audiophile. They look absolutely luxurious, from the box down to the leather headphones themselves. While the look of luxury is a benchmark, comfortability is key here and the ODS-1s do not come short in this.

3 styles

As with the original VK-1’s there are 3 different styles you can purchase. The Classic, Legacy and Eclipse. The Classic has hand sewn Italian leather as standard, The Legacy and The Eclipse models both come with the same buttery leather but in black, while The Eclipse model also adds the addition of matte black aluminum.


• Detachable 3.5mm cable – with microphone and remote

• Foam tips (S, M &L)

• Silicone Tips (S, M &L)

• Airplane adapter

• Travel Pouch

• Informational Booklet

• Brushed Aluminum engraved Aëdle ID Card


Classic classic-atmosphere2
Legacy eclipse-atmosphere2
Eclipse legacy-atmosphere2


The Specifications


Immersive, Powerful, Detailed Sound




10 mm Diameter


MMCX Connector,Gold Plated


Titanium Diaphragm, Neodymium Magnet


20Hz – 20 kHz


32 Ohms


109 dB/ 1mW


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