The Rutherford Audio Munich High-End Show Report.

A new world class
A new reference
A speaker for those who desire perfection

The BC350 is a state of the art speaker with no compromises at any one point in the design. With an all new, "live" and "pure" more the BC350 can explore many dynamics of sound without ever breaking the soundstage.

Joining the Revolution

Burmesters first reference turntable, the 175! With a classic Burmester look and fully hand made in Germany, this beautiful piece of engineering is sure to join the best.

Back to the classics
A remake of the legendary
TD 150 and TD 160

Based of the legends that are still in use today, Thorens has taken a modern look at the classics. The 900 series includes, the 903, 905 and 907 turntables. Take a look and learn more!

An acoustic panel
built for a designer world

Based off the Sahara, the Kalahari is a more uniform acoustic panel. Not just built as an absorber, it specializes in controling reflections by scattering sound as well!

Dynacos Series 3 ST 70
has returned!

A remake of the Dynaco ST70, this modern design is what the engineers at Dynaco like to think the man would have made himself! Check it out and sign up to be alerted to what dealers have one near you!

A reference tube phono stage
Built by Dietrich Brakemeier

A new phono stage built for the best turntables on earth! Learn more about this tube phono stage brought to you by Acoustical Systems!