HiFi Pig Magazine Recommends Roksan

Roksan K3 Integrated Amp Hifi Pig RecommendedThe following review was written by Dan Worth for HiFi Pig Magazine on March 25, 2015.


Another piece of Kandy on the shelves? Yes, if your teeth aren’t already rotten from the many Kandy treats from Roksan by now then read on. Maybe the Roksan Sweet Shop have changed the flavour this time around and maybe they have put a cherry on top. Or maybe they may have just changed the wrapper slightly?

Certainly the wrapper does look different on the new £1250 K3. The overall build quality is extremely nice and attracts the eye further with a new range of stylish colour options. Anthracite, Charcoal and Opium are the new blacks and the shades are very appealing indeed and rather make a design statement.

The feature rich amplifier provides connections for both RCA Unbalanced, Moving Magnet and Bluetooth inputs as well as RCA preamp outputs to connect to a power amplifier such as Roksan’s own Kandy Power Amplifier. The K3 will put out 140w into 8ohms and 220w into 4ohms.

Remember the K2 BT? Well the BT stood for Bluetooth, Roksan haven’t simply put a new wrapper on their latest offering from the Kandy range, they deem Bluetooth as a critical connection for the modern day consumer so without making a fuss about it, it’s just there.




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Here are some key quotes in the article:

“The level of insight and realism has gained dramatically over the K2 and the level of refinement and sophistication has took on a new guise.”

“Roksan seem to have addressed the area of bandwidth with a cleverness of attention, not attenuated but more refined, relaxed and confident in presentation.”

“The Apt-X force is strong in this one.”

“To sum up my time with the Roksan Kandy K3 I can say that further progress had been made to bring the amplifier closer to an amp that can be stated as a ‘good all rounder’.”