Gramophone’s Gaithersburg Grand Opening with Artnovion Acoustic Panels

Gramophone has recently launched their new showroom! The house was packed and the music was rocking. Norm Steinke our President of US Sales represented the Rutherford Audio team along with our brands, Artnovion, Thorens, Hafler and Soundsmith at the event. We had started assisting Gramophone on the project early on as they decided to go with Artnovion Acoustic panels for their showroom. We took plenty of photos and we will post them all at the end but first I want to go over the process of acoustically treating Gramophones new showroom.

Showroom Location

Gaithersburg, MD 20877

Artnovion Acoustic Panels

In early January Gramophone approached us about putting Artnovion’s Acoustic panels in their new location. So we began the process of project support via our team and the Artnovion Engineers. There are two ways that we go about project support, the first and likely the most common is the use of the Impulso App. Impulso allows you to run a full room diagnostics of the room you want to acoustically treat. It gives you the reverberation time and frequency spectrum of your room. You can read our Impulso Guide.

However in this case, the room not having been built, all we required was a floor plan, CAD drawings if there were any and a list of materials that would be in the room. By the end of January we had received all of this information from Gramophone and with that we built our project recommendation for the Gramophone team!


The first part of our project recommendation includes 3d renderings of the room and our suggested location of panels as well as a list of those panels. We also include this in wireframe so you can visualize it in 3d much easier. Down below you will find photos of the current room and you can compare the recommendation to the actual final project!

Next up after wireframes and 3d renderings is the Acoustic Report.


The Acoustic Report comes with 3 pages of data! For Gramophone we recommended a 68% RT reduction. While to the common user much of this may not make much sense to you, if you are working with a professional he most certainly will! We are working on a project proposal explanation post to help everyone understand the data. Along with the above example you will get Room Acoustic Models as well as data of each Acoustic Panel recommended.

The Finished Showroom


Turned out quite remarkably the same! Minus a few color changes, but the room turned out amazing. Everyone who came into the room was amazed about how great it looked and how amazing it sounded. Ourselves and Gramophone were extremely happy about the success of the Artnovion treated room!

The Event in Photos


Andrew and His Partner – The Gramophone Owners


Jon Robbins of HTSA with Meridian DSP7200’s, B&W 802D and a Thorens TD 2035 in the Artnovion treated showroom


Corner shot of the Showroom


Doug Henderson the President of B&W


Packed House!


The front of the the new location


The 2035 in blue with a Zephyr MK III


The Dynaco ST 70x at Gramophone


TD 2035 and Alps Diffusers


Headphone Bar


Home Theater


Outside Theater area


Packed Gramophone house!


Living room theater set-up