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Lyravox, the best high end audiophile sound bar for beautiful design inside any luxury home.

T+A HV Series

The T+A Elektroakustik HV Series High End audio electronic components.

Artnovion Impulso

Burmester Girl

Burmester Reference Line

Burmester Reference Line. The best system in the world.

Aedle Headphones

Aedle Valkyrie Headphones, the best headphones.



Artnovion, passion for acoustics. A brand that pursues perfect audio environments out of a sincere love of all things audio.
  • The new Thorens 900 Series will be at CES!

    Thorens Reference 900

    Are you planning your CES schedule? Be sure to visit the Rutherford Audio showroom to check out the new Reference tables for Thorens. The TD 900 series is comprised of 3 turntables and are reminiscence of the legendary models TD 150 and TD 160. 

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  • Sunny Components Fall Music Matters Event

    Sunny Components HiFi StoreSunny Components is hosting the Fall Music Matters Event! The event will feature some of the major powerhouses of HiFi Audio. Rutherford Audio will be attending and T+A equipment and Vertere will be featured in over half the systems on the floor! 

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  • Burmester Rooms Built by Element Acoustics

    Element Acoustics LogoThe Burmester Systems that Element Acoustics have built are amazing. Check out the dedicated listening room Element Acoustics has set up as well as a Burmester system specially built for a customer to battle the room acoustics of a uniquely shaped room.

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  • Breaking in the Zephyr

    Zephyr CartridgeBreaking in a new cartridge is like raising a child: you have hopes and dreams of what they can achieve, of what their personalities will be like. You start off with simple tasks and watch as they learn and as they adapt to progressively challenging situations.  If they become overwhelmed you back off a bit and as you begin to understand their personalities you can present challenges that will most positively enhance their individuality. 

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  • Measuring your Rooms Acoustics with the Impulso App by Artnovion

    Artnovion App Logo

    Artnovion has developed an app to help you measure the acoustics of your room. It further allows you to modify that acoustics of your room with Acoustical Panels giving you a visual representation of the effectivness of the panel chosen. The app is great for enthusiasts, studio's or just to have fun testing the acoustical measurements of your room! We have even provided a how to guide, click to learn more.

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