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Lyravox, the best high end audiophile sound bar for beautiful design inside any luxury home.

T+A HV Series

The T+A Elektroakustik HV Series High End audio electronic components.

Artnovion Impulso

Burmester Girl

Burmester Reference Line

Burmester Reference Line. The best system in the world.

Aedle Headphones

Aedle Valkyrie Headphones, the best headphones.



Artnovion, passion for acoustics. A brand that pursues perfect audio environments out of a sincere love of all things audio.

Latest Posts

  • Touring a few West Coast HiFi Dealers

    Driving down the west coast is quite the drive! Starting up in Washington we made our way down to visit as many dealers as we could prior to CES. What we found is that a lot of dealers have gone the way of barebones stores, so we wanted to highlight some of the better stores we visited!

  • Acoustical Systems Germany joins Rutherford Audio

    Acoustical Systems Germany has joined Rutherford Audio as we have taken over distribution of their products across NorthAmerica. With Tonearms, Cartridges, elite alignment tools and the most expensive turntable you have ever seen, Acoustical Systms is most certainly a brand to watch for! 

  • Bringing in the New Year at CES 2016 - With all new products from Hafler, Thorens and T+A!

    CES LogoCES is coming and Rutherford Audio and our partners will be hosting some of the best rooms you could possibly imagine! We will be launching two new products and we will also be bring back Hafler to the audio world! 

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