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The revolutionary Burmester Sound System – The Phase 3

The Phase 3 is an extension of the Burmester product lines utilizing trickle down technology from it’s reference line. It is also built off a vast knowledge that has come from Burmester entry into the car audio industry in the past decade. The Phase 3 has been in development for nearly two years now. It was first […]


Aëdle has always navigated seamlessly through art, design, performance and technique. As a Paris based company they strive to create a future tradition that redefines what audio luxury should sound look, sound, and feel like. The Aëdle team began their dream of creating the perfect headphones with minimalistic and refined design with outstanding performance several […]

The New York Audio Show with Audio Doctor

   The following is a press release from Audio Doctor                                           Audio Doctor Ques up High-End Demo at New York Audio Show Audio Boutique to showcase Paradigm’s new Persona Series along with T+A Electrocoustik Audio Doctor, Rutherford Audio and Paradigm, are proud to unveil one of the most exciting, high performance […]

Thorens – A Return to the classics – Extending the line with the 900 series

Thorens has been in the music business since 1888. In the beginning it was music boxes, then gramophones and finally in 1956 the TD 124. The TD 124 is what launched Thorens down a path of High End Turntables. While in recent years Thorens has launched a modern series of turntables to attract some of the […]

Supporting the Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra

The VMO’s 2015/2016 season just finished with a bang at an outdoor concert in downtown Vancouver. The concert was spectacular and we had multiple members attend including Steve Coombe whom sits on the board of VMO. We have had some questionable weather this summer up in Vancouver and thankfully during the outdoor concert, the sun held […]

T+A’s DAC 8 DSD rules the world of DSD

Every year our brands bring in multiple series of products, but occasionally we get a few that just blow us out of the water. The all new DAC 8 DSD is one of those components! Since it’s launch at CES16 it has been consistently sold out the second we get the product in. It is truly […]