Audiophile Magazine reviews Burmester

Stefan Schickedanz, contributor to the the special issue of Audiophile, the self-titled high end magazine, went on a drive with Dieter Burmester. He had the pleasure of sitting in the passenger seat and basking in the finely tuned high-end audio system that is Burmester’s contribution to the upgraded Mercedes S-Class.

Based on his review, it’s clear that he was enthusiastically captivated by his experience. He went so far as to say: “perhaps the best audio system that Burmester has ever made.” Being as Burmester is easily a top-contender for the best audio system manufacturer in the world, Stefan’s claim makes this system all the more intriguing.

But don’t take it from me. Read the Audiophile magazine article, linked below, and see for yourself.

Audiophile Magazine – Burmester Mercedes S-Class Audio System

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