Our Vancouver HiFi showroom’s evolution

Most distributors are just that, distributors. Not us! We believe in leading by example. A great website, great social media, great marketing and of course a great showroom. Our showroom is continually evolving as we pick up new brands or just want to try something new so we move it around a little. Our showroom consists […]

The Burmester B18 Loudspeaker will make it’s debut at CES!

WORLD PREMIERE BURMESTER B18 LOUDSPEAKER Burmester presents the new entrant to their speaker portfolio at the CES 2017 in Las Vegas The new B18 loudspeaker has been developed as a 2½-way bass reflex speaker with a front-firing design and is a universal sound talent: space-saving, yet at the same time extremely musical and dynamically thrilling. […]

The Artnovion family discusses everything Acoustics – Part 1

Above you see the whole Artnovion Family from across the world after two long and glorious days of presentation by Artnovion. Distributors from China, Thailand, US/CAN(ourselves) and even the land down under all made it out to Portugal to hear about all the great things that Artnovion has to offer. The first night we landed […]