Gramophone’s Gaithersburg Grand Opening with Artnovion Acoustic Panels

Gramophone has recently launched their new showroom! The house was packed and the music was rocking. Norm Steinke our President of US Sales represented the Rutherford Audio team along with our brands, Artnovion, Thorens, Hafler and Soundsmith at the event. We had started assisting Gramophone on the project early on as they decided to go with Artnovion Acoustic […]


The Show Newport – Find your Perfect Sound System

  Every year we make the trip down to Newport and get to visit the wonderful beaches, enjoy the sunshine and listen to some of the most amazing systems on earth! To be honest what I really miss about Southern California every year is their Mexican Food! There is just nothing like it up here […]


Touring the Roksan factory in Photos

Roksan Audio is a world renowned HiFi company that produces some of the best CD Players and Turntables on the market. On our way to Munich we made a stop in London to meet with Tufan and take a tour of the factory. The entire production line is hand crafted and operated by some of […]