Supporting the Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra

The VMO’s 2015/2016 season just finished with a bang at an outdoor concert in downtown Vancouver. The concert was spectacular and we had multiple members attend including Steve Coombe whom sits on the board of VMO. We have had some questionable weather this summer up in Vancouver and thankfully during the outdoor concert, the sun held […]


T+A’s DAC 8 DSD rules the world of DSD

Every year our brands bring in multiple series of products, but occasionally we get a few that just blow us out of the water. The all new DAC 8 DSD is one of those components! Since it’s launch at CES16 it has been consistently sold out the second we get the product in. It is truly […]


The Dynaco ST70’s glorious return

The Dynaco ST 70x saw its first appearance at the Munich High End Show. The ST70x is what the 3rd addition of the stereo 70 amplifier is called. The stereo 70 is without a doubt one of the most successful amplifiers of all time. There are thousands of the original ST70 tube amplifier still in use […]